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    No info at all right now. SEGA's E3 press conference is going on as we speak.

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    ST always ment al the Phantasy Star games when talking about the Phantasy Star Universe.
    So most likely of al this game will have various planets from the already made games.

    What this means?? I don't know. PSO already had a lot of retro monsters so there's no way to tell how they want to explain same monsters on different planets.
    So I'm not gonna speculate. I'll wait till there is some news from ST about this.

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    Oh my.

    x_x They sure took the picture of the title at the wrong time. I feel blind now. x_x

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    It certainly makes one hopeful that we'll be seeing Algol again, though...


    Go team ph4il! 02/07/2016

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    On 2004-05-12 12:19, HUnewearl_Meira wrote:
    It certainly makes one hopeful that we'll be seeing Algol again, though...

    Ooooh, personally I'd like to see Motavia.
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    I don't see anything hopeful on this
    Basically in the coming soon. I hope is for next gen. If this game is online it will probably kill the actual PSO Episode 1&2&3 which I like a lot.
    Enough sad was the cut and kick out of PSO DC so soon, to repeat the same story. Also at least there was the DC failure reason. Now there's no reason. Also how stupid would be to release an online game in the last year(s) of a console gaming generation.

    Sorry if I sound mad. PSO is my favourite game and emotions don't hear to reasons >.<

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    I wouldn't worry too much about PSO, Malk. Given that we're only first hearing about this now, it'll be another 2 years or so before we see news of Phantasy Star Universe's release. That seems to be the way of things, when something is made as a big announcement at E3.

    Go team ph4il! 02/07/2016

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    there was a rumour about phantasy star 5 for quite some time now.

    i personally'd bet for an offline rpg. hopefully it hits cube as well as europe.
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    I have my fingers crossed for a new online game using the current gameplay style... maybe even the same engine. It shouldn't be too hard to do on the cube to add multiple planets and have maybe eight areas each. Even better would be transfering an episode 1&2 character over and adding another 100 to 200 levels of experience and another four difficulty levels.

    To be frank, at 150 the game isn't hard anymore.

    Except for the god-awful control towers soloing on ultimate as a HU-force...

    No... make the Il Gills go away... sob...
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