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    With a victory over Irwin and Yamato, NOBUchan and Rutia are the winners.

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    Manage to record it?

    EDIT: Machine deck used?

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    I didn't see all teams. In the games I watched only 1 team used the typical MC deck, BIllie Joe and Yatoa_san.

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    Yep, but those videos wont be up until monday or tuesday. I'm reseving my bandwidth for now for the upload of PSM

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    While sonicteam updates with the final results I advance them.


    Team name Team member 01 Team member 02
    1. Invincible Fantasy eve & Sword+75
    2. It is deep, it comes, friendship thermal coming soul NOBUchan & Rutia
    3. Lol sushi Billie Joe & Yatoa_san
    4. Japaness daughter + YAMATO & IRWIN
    5. The cousin it is Final Toumi & Masato
    6. Team PM Sayuki & Kick
    7. Priest [*:Soppu:*] & -GODFATHER-
    8. Wolf lane Yuffie & Rain
    9. 3 year 2 set representation Student & SAKU01
    10. 3 year 1 set representation Teacher & Mise'l
    11. Create D.D & ALUTH=AIZEN
    12. Noodles section + Y.s:Eddie & Migiumu
    13. Old boy of ?? Ring & Zin
    14. Tron & SP Mew SP & TORON
    15. ?l?C & heath Nei 4th & HEATHCLIFF=F
    16. Gold Faction Yuki Katase & RIRIKA

    I do the breackets with the team numbers.

    1st Round
    1 vs 9 -> 1
    12 vs 14 -> 14
    5 vs 15 -> 15
    2 vs 10 -> 2
    3 vs 7 -> 3
    4 vs 13 -> 4
    6 vs 16 -> 6
    8 vs 11 -> 8

    I wonder how they choose the 1st round matches. The Players don't. The team entries were done before the players started to sign. I know in reality preclassification rank doesn't matter much. But if it did 3rd had to battle 7th and 5th battled 15th.

    In this round I watched (5 vs 15) Toumi&Masato vs Nei4th&HEATHCLIFF=F. Both teams were hero. And it was fast. Nei4th team equipped Gal gryphon wing and Nug 2000. Hitting both opponents and hard because Support Assist. Here a pic.

    Since it was fast I also watched (3 vs 7) Billie Joe&Yatoa_san vs [*:Soppu:*] & -GODFATHER.
    When I started to watch this match. Soppu team was at 10 hp already while Billie Joe was at full HP. It was Typical MC deck adding Recobox and few Mothmant monest vs 2 Glustars with Rukmin & shields.

    2nd round
    1 vs 14 -> 1
    15 vs 2 -> 2
    3 vs 4 -> 4
    6 vs 8 -> 6

    This round I only watched (15 vs 2) Nei4th & HEATCHLIFF=F vs NOBUchan & Rutia.
    Well I guess the news about NOBUchan's deck must have spread fast. I don't think it will become next uber cheap deck. Without the 5-3 dice is harder to pull off. And I want to see how it does against piercing tech Forces.
    For the ones that don't know nothing about it...
    Put Independant or how is called 1st (assist that makes 1 team unaffected by assists). Then Assistless and Time x2. There you have an infinite Assist ownage. Opponents cant play assists and you do. There's only need to keep using timex2 each 2 turns at least. And when you have that there are many ways to take profit of it. NOBU used Fix, AP Absortion or Immortality depending on what was best. That way they are nearly invincible. And wait time with their Rufinas high HP and using resta if they get hit.

    1 vs 2 -> 2
    4 vs 6 -> 4

    Here I watched both games since NOBUchan's deck becomes a bit boring to see when they lock the game being unable to get hurt.
    (1 vs 2) Fantasy Eve & Sword+75 vs NOBUchan & Rutia. F.E and Sword used Hero team Both Saliguns with Savitri more shield. This way they could pass fix or even immortality with penetrates. But couldn't do nothing with infinite, unremovable AP Absortion.

    (4 vs 6) YAMATO & IRWIN vs Sayuki & Kick
    YAMATO team was 2 Rufina with Dubchichs and low costers. Sayuki's team... 1 hero 1 Arkz!!!! RAcast team of Ohgun and Guykild. I didnt see it from beginning. The Rufinas didnt went up for attack. Closed themselves defending the dubchichs with Immortality and other stuff. Won by time wait.

    2 vs 4

    Champion -> Team 2: ].It is deep, it comes, friendship thermal coming soul NOBUchan & Rutia

    At beginning it looked like both teams would end with 25 HP. Then they, especially YAMATO & IRWIN tried to do something and yes they killed 2 pan arms of their opponents which just used Resta to get back at 25 HP. And Gillchichs did enough to reduce their HP to 16 and win by time.

    After the final they made an Exhbition Match. Between the Game gather Magazine reps and the champions.

    Game Gather reps used Ohgunx2 with Rag Rappy+, Dubchic, and well I dont remember much. In their hands I saw Epsilon and Legacy.
    They started using asistless, retarding the Infinte assistless for 1 team only tactic of NOBUchan. But it served for nothing. They tried to went up and attack and got slammed by gillchichs.

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    Nice details, but i am a little confuse on the last part about the gather rep vs champ of gather cup... mind explaining it a little more? thx in advance

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    it was an exhibition match that took place after the official tournament had ended. Not sure if anyone got any extra prizes for it.

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    Theoretically, we're now supposed to get some kind of reward quest system to get all the E cards that were missed. Which wouldn't have happened if the Game Gather crew had won.

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    Blah, Nobu chan won using the deck I was going to use if I had got in. Mind you I would not have used the card that makes assists only work on one team as I do not have it. I have thought about usng it for many, many decks (including this one). I WAS going to use Resta.




    Now everybody knows why I was begging for Fix, Immortality, Dubchichs and PanArms.

    I really loved that deck that I came up with BY MYSELF, and now it will spread like muck all over the game. Fantastic. If I'd got into the final he WOULD have beaten me because I do not have his cards, but at least I would have got to the final without being accused of copying his deck. I never saw anybody us it before because Immortality is so rare. So as I came up with it on my own, it would have been the first time many people saw itr. Now it will be common as muck.
    uestion is, do I bother using it again?
    And Malk, I am SO sorry I could not returmn those cards. my PC broke over the weekend, I then came on to see you but I DIDN'T HAVE THE GUILD CARD, so I hung around and then I had to take my PC to the repair shop as all my business is reliant on it.

    No go. It's dead. PSU blown, motherboard blown, graphics card blown. Stinks of fried capacitors. THANK THIS WONDERFUL UNATURALLY HOT WEATHER! Bloke said he hasd seen 3 blown up PCs that WEEK.

    I write this on a 400 Celeron laptop with several keys missing. Which I had to buy a LAN card for. Joy.

    - Shimarisu (very pissed off)

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    Funny how he didn't participate...

    But somehow Billie Joe was using Hayato's Recobox cards.


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