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    The gallery is in desperate need of being updated!

    Please post fanart or links to previously posted fanart pictures here so I know what to put up!

    Thank you in advance for all your hard work and dedication to your art!!!

    Please try to include a title with your work if you want it to show a title in the gallery.

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    ah, look like you didn't get to update the last batch that was in..
    well, i can lend ya a hand
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep sig at 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    All the stuff under "Shurikane", "Kod", "Sierra", "Misc" and "Zinackst" are PSO fanart. Credits are there and stuff so that you know who did what.

    Note: Some of the pics there were already in the fanart gallery.

    BTW, methinks it would be a good idea, if at all possible, to make separate galleries for every artist, or at least the ones that have posted lots of art (and the rest goes in Misc or something like that)

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    Aqua Spirit Zinackst

    The rest are DeviantArt links cuz they are not up on my server, sorry about that.







    Under the same sky

    That is about it for now.

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    Well, there's some in my fanfiction, if you want to upload... Which, by the way, I'll refresh with more soon.

    The pictures are in each episode, but it will give you some work to go through the thread to get them all. So here are some of my favorites: -> "Seen Even" -> "Humar & Monster" -> "RAmarl" -> "Masuyo Photon Blast" -> "The Hero and the Devil" -> "Thee who defied Lucifer"

    I'm too lazy to replace everything with Html code, so I just added the picture's name in front of the url

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    Scratch that... I didn't know my rough draft for the PSO Episode III comid was placed in fanworks. O_o I'll be doing more artwork soon.

    Sil'fer Hurt

    Sil'fer & Pollux

    Why Hunters Can't Use Monster Cards

    Dressed To Kill



    PSO Cafe

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    Here's a picture (or two):

    "Outrider in Battle"

    "SHINE's HUmar"

    "HUcast Paladin: Dragoon-02"

    "Eihwaz - Gotta Love the Goggles!"

    "Ian-KunX Episodes 1-3"

    EDIT: Oh, well I saw Even_Jin put up his fanfic images, so I'll throw those up as well. But I mean... they're with the fic, so unless there's a real desperate need for fan-art, don't bother with 'em.

    "Code of the Hunter Title Image"

    "Code of the Hunter: Chapter 1"

    "Code of the Hunter: Chapter 2"

    "Code of the Hunter: Chapter 3"

    I, uh... don't really have anything else that's too recent. Unless I get people to finish their group project stuff.

    Perhaps Navinator could link to the first group project image we did?

    EDIT x2: Mixfortune just made me remember I also did an image for Ian, so the link for that is now up.

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    Hello! This here are things i drew. (And one Colored by someone else)

    Remember You

    Love is NOT Getting Partisans. Co-op with FoAtHeart.

    D Gang

    And the creme of the creme...
    Her Own Tomb - Rose Confessional

    Use em, or not its your decision.

    "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

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    Behold my crappiness!

    Ian-Kun and Giant Rati

    Yes, I only have one completed fanart -_-

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    I might have some more... i'll have a look through my old disks

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