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    And is it good?

    I personally loved Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and people say they're both the same(except CON is 4-player?), so I'm thinking of getting it.

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    I have not played it myself but my friend very much enjoys a game. CoN is offline two player game and you can play it online. However, my friend says that online is full of people trading. I would reccoment it, especially since you like hack 'n' slash games.

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    If you enjoyed BG: DA, I believe you will like Champions. There are some annoying glitches that rarely happen and you should only come across them when you've played the game as much as I and my friends have...

    BTW, Shadow Knights rule.

    If you decide to get it, I can help you on what skills to improve and which to leave alone for any class

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