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    Since nobody posted it already, I will.

    Yesterday Sonic Team announced 2 new maps coming to EP3 online in thursday. The update hour is the same always. Late night of wednesday for US residents.

    The new maps are Tower of Caelum 2 and Mortis Fons 2.

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    Isn't Tower 2 the one with traps? Gah, I wish they added the big map or the ??? map...

    Anyway, thanks.
    (By the by, haven't seen you in a while!)

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    I think Sonic Team can put different maps to the offline ones. Probably they will be just like the offline versions but I will have my doubts until I see it tomorrow.

    About me being online, I have played a lot last month. End of June my ep3 memory was accidentally formatted. I took a 2 weeks break and then reached lv 50 in 4 weeks. I use same guild card but I lost all my guild cards too. So I don't have yours and neither a 60% of my old ep3 contacts.

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    You'd think they'd put up completly new maps, like Morgue etc. At least, thats what I was hoping for.

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    What the hell is the point of these... Caelum 2 is missing corners. Scratch Caelum 2.

    Mortis B is OK, but put up soemthing like Raveum Ides Sacra.....

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