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    [[[I have enhanced this offer-- see my more recent post]]]

    If you have a Twin Brand, consider the following:

    -Your mag will forever be a part of your character (unless you sell him-- shame on you!). It cannot be stolen from you, unlike a weapon. When you die and get disconnected, you cannot lose your mag to the bowels of server to VMU lag. Your twin brand can be looted by a 12 year old kewld00d; your mag will simply laugh at him.

    -Your mag can be used by all your characters at any level. Not so for a special weapon.

    -With a mag cell, the unique mags you can create are wonderful-looking (they resemble critters rather than machines/add ons), and much more functional as well. Would you rather be using a double saber with a generic mag, getting smacked down by a VHard rag rappy, or have a critter-like mag making you invincible every time your health drops below a third?

    If you are interested in trading the Twin Brand and a Victor Axe for the Mag Cell 502, let me know. The Soniti mag that now sits on my shoulder (which arose from my first Mag Cell 502) is both adorable and priceless. I think you will be pleased with the trade.

    -Guardian ICQ 5896613

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    What you say is so true Guardian but there is one slight problem. That mag cell is so popular you wouldn't believe it. Yesterday for example two of my friends was able to obtain the same mag but in two diffrent rooms. Twin brand now thats a diffrent story. Even my japanese friend are looking for this sword.

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    Hey, what do you mean 12 yr. old? I'm 12, yet I've never looted or cheated in this game. I used to cheat in some games, but only after I beat them first.

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    I realize there are mature 12 yr olds out there-- that's why I qualified my comment as "12 yr old kewld00d", which apparently you are not

    I'm not sure I understand your post (as in understand the english). It has been my impression that the mag cells are essentially the most sought after and rarest items in the game. The fact that on the japanese boards some claim that multiple mag cells are needed to access the highest forms of the rare mags make them all the more desired.

    I've meet three people in game and three on this board that have a Twin Brand. I've meet fewer in game and fewer on this board who have (and are willing to trade) a mag cell.

    -Guardian ICQ 5896613

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    I have a mag cell and have used it. The results are pretty cool. Anyways, by the time you get into vhard mode, most people (I hope) realize that super rare weapons kinda suck. What makes or breaks a weapon is its special attack and %.

    A twin brand AND a stag cutlery? What good will those do me? Even at 15%, six real cool hits do no damage really... then you get smacked. I think it looks a lot cooler running around the vhard ruins in yellow invincible mode every few minutes.

    Well, if you still insist on ridding yourself of your mag cell, I have a couple of things to offer. None of them are that great though.

    soul eater 35
    double saber 20
    regenerate gear
    ~20 hit materials
    ~20 other materials
    4 slot guardian armor
    2 slot derol
    high % blade dance

    You can have it all for the mag cell. =] Let me know.

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    I'm confused tkc-- do you have the twin brand or do you not have it?

    I'll keep your offer in mind.


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