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    Yes you heard it from me! There is no solution to avoid cheaters who like to scam people for their items! So stop posting ideas about how to trade in a certian way because there is always a way to cheat.

    I for one will never trade to anyone unless you are a good friend of mine or I never had a problem trading with you before.

    Correction I will trade with that person unless they are willing to drop the item they are trading, I take the item, and give the person what he/she requested. Yes this may sound a bit crazy but after being cheated out of a few items this is the only way I will EVER trade to anyone again. As the saying goes the few ruins it for the many.

    To the last person whom I traded with yes I am stupid.. I am so stupid.. Stupid to trust people. Who was I gonna kid. DON'T TRUST ANYONE!

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    There is a way and you mentioned it in your post. Only trade with good friends...or people you trust. The Troll Has Spoken

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