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    I know it's an age old question, but I just have to ask it.

    I'd have to say Kireek is still my favorite, even with the new addition of Donoph, yeah he's pretty badass. But then again, Ash is pretty fun to chill with as well.

    As for the others, feh... They never really helped me out much. Especially in ULT, mode, they were more of a burden then anything else. Cept' for the big hitters like Kireek and Donoph. They can at least hold their own for a bit. I think Kireek has like 2 God/Bodys on him, and 2 God/HPs, that guy can take a massive beating in ULT mode. And I still hate Mome, and Elenor.
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    I liked montague. He anti's me when I need it, and has the boosted fonewm spells, 'cause he's a fonewm, so is more useful than all those fomarl npcs that are in too many quests.

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    When he runs out of mates, he DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    aka casts Resta. And anti >_>

    Plus, he's a nice wall. I could get my level 95 HUcast through that quest without any trouble.

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    Ash is useful as well. He's even went out of his way to cast Resta on me before, he also uses Anti unless he gets paralyzed. Only prob with him, he's not very aggressive with his attacks.
    The more things change... The more they stay the same...

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