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    Hey, if you got a poem and want to share it to the world, then post it here. It doesn't even have to be your work, just a poem you like.(make sure you give the original author his/her recognition though) It can even be a rap.

    Poetry to me, is like a persons inner secret thoughts expressed in words and thats why i love it.

    Well, I guess I'll start it off with a poem done by me. Here it goes.....

    The Sky

    -The sun is felled and the moon its slayer have come to sulk in its glory and the shallow winds start to whisper as it glides past me. Staring into the sky now that has been turned into a dark abyss, I find that there are no stars. Ever since I've entered into the chambers of adolescense I have not seen the stars. I remember nights in my youth where I'll run and play and laugh with my partners in my childhood schemes and when we're exhausted we'll collapse into the soft grass.

    With my left ear I'll hear the crickets play their song of sorrow and happiness and with my right ear I'll hear the earthworms snoring, dreaming. A lightning bug would flash on my nose and with my eyes I'll look in the sky and gaze at its eyes, the stars. Sparkling, Shining, and peering at me that comforted my very soul. I could feel the skies laughter and happiness and me and my friends would lay and stare for hours laughing as our parents chatted and watched over us, knowing it was past our bed time and on my babyish face there would lie a smile.

    Now as I look at the sky, my face is content. Mixed. The sky, so empty it looks as if its sorrow itself. There are no stars, no laughter, no happiness, no sparkling,no shining, just me,aged,............and the bold empty sky.
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    Nice prose you have going there. Poetry always ring as been personal tones of one's life.

    I would suggest if you find an active moderator to perhaps have this stickied. Just because poets and such take their time to post anything. So by the time one has something to offer your thread would be gone to perpetual oblivion. And since we can not bump old threads, most likely your attempt will have met an early grave.

    Good luck to you.

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    Awesome poem there mang! And I agree with Scejnt, this should be a floaty. You never know who will want to post a poem they've written or who will access this thread days or months later and think "Hey... I feel just like that!"

    Here's one that just came to mind a few moments ago.

    This World Around You

    In the dark, staring at nothing.
    Unable to see what is in front of me,
    My voice screaming.

    In the light, watching the birds sing.
    Eyes, slowly adjusting, begin to see,
    My voice singing.

    In the streets, dodging the people fleeing.
    Vision obscures, reaching for safety,
    My voice pleading.

    In the country, viewing the sun setting.
    Smiling, breathing, blinking in the breeze,
    My voice mending.

    What does it take to stop
    For just a moment and see...
    To see this world around you,
    the one you've always been missing?


    Here's an old poem I wrote one day while sitting around. I posted it here a long while back, but only three people responded to it. Please note, I wasn't suicidal when I wrote this, just very very thoughtful.

    The Price I Pay

    The price I pay to be with you
    Isn't jewelry or flowers.
    My love I give to you
    And my time I give you hours.

    The price I pay for companionship
    Isn't my possessions or money.
    My friendship I give to you
    And all that I have within me.

    The price I pay for patience
    Isn't my words or views.
    My silence I give to you
    And whatever else I can do.

    The price I pay to hold on
    Isn't thought or worry.
    My strength I give to you
    And my outstretched hand in remedy.

    I bled for you on that day...
    I stood up for you on that day...
    I smiled at you on that day...
    I reached for you on that day...

    ... when you broke my heart.
    ... when you betrayed my heart.
    ... when you angered my heart.
    ... when you let go of my heart.

    The price I pay to live...
    Is something I have lost.

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    This reminds me of a book I had to read called "Bronx Masquerade"

    it was pretty good
    Call me a safe bet. I'm betting I'm not.
    I'm glad that you can forgive.
    Only hoping as time goes, you can forget.

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    Wow Wraith, those poems were awesome. I really liked "The World Around you" the most.

    Do I pm the mods to and ask them for a sticky?
    In the meanwhil I'll go look around the forums and see if my answer is in a sticky.

    Heres another poem.

    This poem came from this forum to be exact. There use to be a member here who always had "Happily Unsatisfied" as their mood. The member's name is on the tip of my tongue. Anyways I liked those words so much that i made a poem out of it.

    Happily Unsatisfied

    These mishaps,unfortunate thinking
    For love undones,your heart is sinking

    Unpainted Passion left on the screen
    Reclusive thoughts hold you and me

    You bubblewrap your emotions feelings
    Endless searching, you long for healing

    For the past has shattered you, left you fragile and hurt
    Make you feel as if your dirt

    But what state are you? If its inclement then go
    Trickery of preyed on memory thats all you know

    For you start each beginning when you near its end
    And watch each session, more they rend

    But I'm not like you, I no longer tried
    But for some reason, we are all Happily Unsatisfied

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    As I browse the internet,
    I come to many forums.
    People who i've never met
    talk to me about cheez-ums.

    I eventually come to PSO world
    which makes me want to play
    but then I realize that I have no gamecube internet connection, and even if I did, not many people play GC pso anymore so it makes me cry and i start slitting my wrists to ease the pain oh it feels so good.

    was a joke, in case you didn't get it

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    Weeee its a floating sticky, Thanks Ryna


    Just Who are You

    Your a stranger so unexpected now
    Of these new feelings I wonder how

    Always on about immiting dellusions
    The one I once saw is now an illusion

    Now who are you, what are you, where have you gone
    So different, so empty, not the one i've known

    Your so odd, so weird, a changing hue
    Only question I have is....Just who are you?

    Edit:Lol typo

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    Sometimes, when I can't think of a poem I listen to music.(I only listen to music with NO WORDS in it to get inspiration for a poem) This next poem was inspired by the bgm in an MMORPG called Ragnarok Online.*Its the rocker field area for those that want to know. You know, the peaceful song with the guitar*

    Grassy Fields
    by InfinityXXX

    I sit and lay on these grassy fields
    Grasping my life with many chills

    And I wonder how i let it all go by
    And my answer is only a solemn sigh

    Conjuring memories I once I had
    Some of good and some of bad

    I don't know...
    Don't really feel like going on

    And I see how I let and give in to my neglection
    Gazing back into my reflection

    I just lost my own glory
    A final chapter of my story

    Here and now and up until
    As I lay on these grassy fields

    Time has passed and made me aged
    Sucked my sadness and my rage

    Emotionless I gaze at the world
    Watching life cycle in a swirl

    But here and now and up until
    Comforted by these grassy fields

    I jsut sit and I just lay
    Watch each one, the growing day

    But I don't know
    Should I keep going on?

    So here and now and up until
    I'll just sit...and lay.....on these grassy fields

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    Some all around nice poems being put forth. Good read!

    Here's another from me:


    There's a rift between you and I...
    It might be time to say goodbye...


    What are you to do?
    This is something new.
    Deal with it.

    Can I believe your lie?
    No need to cry.
    Leave me now.

    Is it worth the risk?
    Stare into the mist.
    Forget me friend.

    Is that really a fact?
    To accept me back.
    Look this way.

    Will you take me?
    I am so sorry.
    I love you.

    Out in empty space, I call...
    Lost in sweet embrace, we fall...


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