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    Some of us have noticed how unleet all of our training is, so we are going to all start on a leet training program.

    Now, the key to leet training is to punch ice and to bloody the knuckles.

    If you're just starting out, ice cubes will work.

    Get a bunch of ice cubes and put them in a bucket. It needs to be something durable enough to withstand the immense force of your awesome blows. You also need to have enough ice in the bucket so that your fists meet a solid wall of ice cubes, and not the bottom of a bucket.

    Here is an example of Sef doing it to it. Rather than waste time by constantly filling buckets, Sef is just punching the ice while it's still in the freezer.

    Now the point here is to make as much contact with the ice as possible. You know you're doing it right when you start to bloody the knuckles. Once you feel comfortable with that you can work up to something a little bigger. What exactly, is up to you. Just remember, if you knuckles aren't getting bloody, then you aren't punching tough enough ice.

    Once we get the basics down we can move onto something a little leeter.
    Lazy bored. Crazy stupid.

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    I have trouble deciding.

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    The basics are the basics, no matter who you are.

    And mix, if you're gonna use snow cones don't use any red flavors or else we won't be able to see the effects of your bloodied knuckles.
    Lazy bored. Crazy stupid.

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    I would punch trees as an exercise, back in High School. In the off-season, I'd use a can of compressed air to freeze my knuckles. It's been a while since I've done these things, however, and I'm afraid that my knuckles have gone soft... They used to be nicely caloused, though.

    And no, I'm not joking about that.

    Go team ph4il! 02/07/2016

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    Who do you think that made up the North Pole? Feh.

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    ()n 2005-10-02 22:16, Pr0f_Fr1nk wr073:
    50m3 0f u5 h4v3 n071(3d h0w un|337 4|| 0f 0ur 7r41n1n6 15, 50 w3 4r3 601n6 70 4|| 574r7 0n 4 |337 7r41n1n6 pr06r4m.

    ||0w, 7h3 k3y 70 |337 7r41n1n6 15 70 pun(h 1(3 4nd 70 8|00dy 7h3 knu(k|35.

    1f y0u'r3 ju57 574r71n6 0u7, 1(3 (u835 w1|| w0rk.

    637 4 8un(h 0f 1(3 (u835 4nd pu7 7h3m 1n 4 8u(k37. 17 n33d5 70 83 50m37h1n6 dur48|3 3n0u6h 70 w17h574nd 7h3 1mm3n53 f0r(3 0f y0ur 4w350m3 8|0w5. Y0u 4|50 n33d 70 h4v3 3n0u6h 1(3 1n 7h3 8u(k37 50 7h47 y0ur f1575 m337 4 50|1d w4|| 0f 1(3 (u835, 4nd n07 7h3 80770m 0f 4 8u(k37.

    |-|3r3 15 4n 3x4mp|3 0f 53f d01n6 17 70 17. R47h3r 7h4n w4573 71m3 8y (0n574n7|y f1||1n6 8u(k375, 53f 15 ju57 pun(h1n6 7h3 1(3 wh1|3 17'5 571|| 1n 7h3 fr33z3r.

    ||0w 7h3 p01n7 h3r3 15 70 m4k3 45 mu(h (0n74(7 w17h 7h3 1(3 45 p05518|3. Y0u kn0w y0u'r3 d01n6 17 r16h7 wh3n y0u 574r7 70 8|00dy 7h3 knu(k|35. ()n(3 y0u f33| (0mf0r748|3 w17h 7h47 y0u (4n w0rk up 70 50m37h1n6 4 |177|3 81663r. //h47 3x4(7|y, 15 up 70 y0u. Ju57 r3m3m83r, 1f y0u knu(k|35 4r3n'7 63771n6 8|00dy, 7h3n y0u 4r3n'7 pun(h1n6 70u6h 3n0u6h 1(3.

    ()n(3 w3 637 7h3 8451(5 d0wn w3 (4n m0v3 0n70 50m37h1n6 4 |177|3 |3373r.

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    Holy hell, how long did that take?

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    <TomahawkMan> FUCK
    <TomahawkMan> I punched Ice I put in a bowl
    <TomahawkMan> And it came up and cracked me in the face.
    <TomahawkMan> Clearly I need more training
    <Tinsle> XD

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