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    So how many people here are real addicts of Phantasy Star anyways? Yea, the game is cool and all, but it's mostly an online rpg and nostalgic reminder for many of us that the Phantasy Star series is over.

    I just wanted to ask what everyone felt about it. Sega using the name for its online rpg. Remember, the game was planned as an online rpg first. Then, it was decided to base it on the Phantasy Star world.

    I myself am happy about having a great online rpg, but I am also totally disappointed in the fact that Sega decided to tease me with the possibility of the story continuing from Generations of Doom or from End of the Millenium.

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    Not at all. I'm happy they chose the Phantasy Star universe. It's Phantasy, damnit, not Fantasy That means nano instead of 'I wanna cast magic missile', Vulcan instead of 'A Broad Sword +2 vs people who develop too many fantasy RPGs'.

    It's a touch refreshing, and given how successfull it is, gives hope for PSO2, and perhaps, PS5, don'tcha think?

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    PS5 yea I hope. Or even a PS 3.5!

    I just hope either Sega does something about this series instead of just turning it into a story-less online rpg. I bet a lot of players here don't even know the story behind Phantasy Star, let alone Alis, Tyler, Lutz, Laya, Siren, or Aron.

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    I think Tyler would have been an extremely cool character to join the team in PS2.

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    To my recolection, ps4, in a time line, came before 3. PSO, from all information given, takes place after 3, thus being the latest in a time line.

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    I played PS2, PS3, and PS4( long time ago). Man, I just remember come you guys still remember all these PS things?? You guys still playing PS?? I just got a Smash Pack, might play PS2 later.

    From my own opinion, PS2 is the best among PS series. What you think??

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    Phantasy Star II is my favorite too. Man I loved that game! Phantasy Star IV rocked as well. It seems to me that PSO is actually one of the ships from the Palma party in PS3. At least thats how I look at it. Long live all Phantasy Star fans!

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    bah, PS1 was by far the best.... It was the longest and most challenging.... Those 3 dungeon views rocked.... It was also the first game I can remember that had a battery in it...

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    It's funny how when the game first came out EVERYONE was praising it. Now that it's been out and most of us have beaten the game inside out, I'd say about 90% of us are picking the game apart! Yes I have played ALL the Phantasy Stars and I agree that probably most people playing PSO have no clue as to what a Numan really is or a clue to anything else in the universe of Algol. They probably dont know what Algol is! LOL Yes I also think it's sad that Sega decided to use the Phantasy Star name for this game. The ONLY thing Phantasy about PSO is the music, (they used part of 2's opening theme) and the Numans! Not much else is there. Sega is focusing too much on the "EXTRAS' and not enough on the meat and potatoes of games. While I do agree that online gaming is a PART of the future of gaming it is not the entirty.

    Sega wasnt conserened with the story because they think none of us care about that anymore! Well day by day more and more PSO players, including ones who have never played any other PS games are complaining about a weak offline mode and a lame weak story! How ironic! LOL It's hard to say whether or not Sega will put a story into PSO 2 since the game has been in production for a while . If it were Phantasy Star V then it'd be a givin but it's PSO 2 so we can only cross our fingers!

    Ask anyone under 19 oe 20 who Alis, or Myau was, or even Rolf for that matter and a good percentage wont even know your talking Phantasy Star! It's good to see these younger players ripping Sega though, for the lack of story and what not! Heheheh hopefully Sega listens to fans unlike that other know the one making Metorid into a FPS! LOL

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    I never really liked 3d dungeons too much. =T But anyways, as far as most people consider it, ps4 takes place at the same time as ps3. Both indicate it is 1000 years after palm was destroyed (ps2).

    In ps3, it was referred to when Orakio and Laya trapped DF on a ship finally as they were leaving Palm. In ps4, it was referred to when you learned about that 4th planet, forgot the name. You were told it was (currently, in ps4) the next following time that DF is trying to get out, and that the seal (Algo) is now at its weakest state (missing Palm).

    Please please ps5!

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