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    Disclaimer: This post is based on 100% speculation. Nobody has been consulted or quoted in this post. The ideas expressed below are mine and have no factual basis in reality. By continuing to read and/or reply to this topic you are admiting that you know the above statements are true.


    I mean, seriously. What if PSO got ousted from it's spot? The only thing it has going for it thus far is the awesome messageboard community(well, 10% of it is cool at least). And PSOW is really just PHP-Nuke with a messageboard.

    Anyone could make a comprable site. Any of the moderators especially. And it's pretty easy to see how not in control of the rest of the site that they are. I mean, does anyone remember when the last serious update was?

    That would be interesting. If one of the mods quit and started some real competition, not like that upstart Shotie and her board, but something comprable to PSOW. How do you think the rest of the mods would react?

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    That's a really good question. I mean, I know one of the mods could put up a good fight if they had to. This is a relitively simple board, and if someone has good knowledge of PHP, it'd be very simple to compare a site to PSOW.

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    I think people are just hooked on this they would'nt need another one which would practically be the same..

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    So what if a site spins off from PSOW? It's happened before and not much changed. People still fall into their same groups but with only new site addresses.

    And why would it have to be considered competition? Does it have to be "We're better than you! " with everything nowadays?

    Mods shouldn't care because it would be a completely different entity and would not involve them in any way.

    I think people have some serious popularity issues if another site is made just to spite another one.

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    Pixelate, you can go jump in that lake now.

    *points at the big lake off to the right*

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    Crap. I forgot what I was going to say. Anyone want to take a guess as to if there are any undercover mods, like people who have mod powers but aren't listed as mods? I bet there are a couple of them out there.

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    come on his name is spy...

    I post at 4 forums but mainly at PSOW, and the other 3 came after PSOW so not much has changed for me

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    I know who the undercover mod is. This person is watching us right now...waiting...watching...

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    On 2002-09-10 23:09, Danger_Girl wrote:
    I know who the undercover mod is. This person is watching us right now...waiting...watching...

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