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    PSO World's new Fan Media Theater is officially launched! Currently, we are featuring Kupi's "Wingding Dragoon" and Scott_Kuda's "Happy Days Rappy Daze". So with this, I am officially calling for all Fan Works that do not fall under the categories of "Fan Fiction" or "Fan Art"! Come! Bring your Flash Animations, Music Videos and Machinema! Bring your Remixes and Radio Play-ish stuff! Bring these things to me, and it shall be added to the Theater!

    Go team ph4il! 02/07/2016

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    Hell, even I don't friggin know.


    Lol, I like Wingding dragoon.
    It was so random, it was just funny, lol

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    Hey cousin!


    wow i shood make the "PSO gangsta rap" lol
    we need more ppl with flash talent- there are not enuf posts for this category.

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    By all means, SgtShligger. Make it. Remember, the Fan Media Theater isn't exclusive to Flash video, but is also for audio files, video files and possibly collections of photographs (i.e., cosplay pictures).

    Go team ph4il! 02/07/2016

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    ooh ooh pic me...i want to make a pso inspired rap

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    Well I guess this would make great practice with Flash to make flash cartoons of my Misadventures of Zarode.

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    Oh God! Don't click the pop up in Wingding dragoon! My God, I freeked!

    Hehe, I always wanted to make a PSO flash...maybe someday

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    Hmn, I have flash, I'll just need some sorce of inspiration. Some little mini story to tell.

    EDIT: Wingding dragoon was really cool. Wish I had that song. Props to the author.

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