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    whats up everyone?..I really want to get online with my PSO..but so far I havent even gotten my DC online at all yet...I just bought a keyboard and a broadband adapter..I only have a japanese browser disc I need an english one so I can set up my server info..can anyone help? new to this so im not sure where to find it...I have a cable modem which does have a static IP..the rep at seganet told me I should be able to get the BBA to work fine...can anyone please help me find a browser I can use? stuck without it

    thanks! DM

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    goto , then into their DreamCast section. You can get the US browser there (version 2.0 and 2.6) ... its in DiscJuggler format so you'll need that.

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    If you download a browser disk image you need to be able to burn your own CD disks. You don't say if you have the facility?

    Sega will send you a copy of the browser if you are in the USA or Canada (you don't say where you are located?)

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