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    What video game would you want to see turn into a movie or movie to a video game?

    I would like to see Gone in 60 seconds turn to a movie. Stealing 50 cars would be cool

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    Do you mean a game turn to movie or movie to game
    and gone in 60 secs was a movie

    Umm well since Metal Gear Solid is like a movie in a game I think it would be a good Movie....but David Hayter (sp) would have to play Snake

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    Night of the living dead. But not like Resident Evil. Sort of a Relationship/FPS/RPG.

    Where you could camp in a house with other people. Kick some people out that you don't like. Get in fights/arguments with other people. Be kicked out by others. Board up windows/doors. Collect ammo and better weapons. Run around as a group in the forest/town. Maybe even drive a car/boat (and go to an island?) with limited gas.

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    PSO would make a good movie.

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    Starcraft movie =o
    Look, he did it again.

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    Kingdom Hearts animated movie

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    I agree. Metal Gear Solid!! David Hayter is a MUST for Snake. Anyone notice him in the X-Men movie?

    Also I think FF VII would be a killer movie. although it would have to be more than a single movie.
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    I say they should make a movie out of Vigilante 8 Second Offense. That would rock!
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    On 2002-09-29 13:34, Guile wrote:
    Umm well since Metal Gear Solid is like a movie in a game I think it would be a good Movie....
    On 2002-09-29 16:27, ABDUR101 wrote:
    Starcraft movie =o
    On 2002-09-30 10:45, Sion wrote:
    Kingdom Hearts animated movie
    On 2002-09-30 10:55, Nidarrock wrote:
    Also I think FF VII would be a killer movie.
    I agree, all of these would make great movies.

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    Escape from New York into a video game. They already did The Thing well, what is stopping them from making this one.

    Plus it would help me out in talk about Snake and ensure I talk about Snake Plisken and not Solid Snake. I think it would nice to at least able to talk about him and not get a "who the hell is that?" out of a person.

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