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    I know some of you have played this before, and I've got a question. I played for a little while, up until I got out into the field and fought a few battles. The battle system seemed rediculous. I would press fight, some random stuff would happen, rpeat until enemies are dead. Is this really all the control I get over my characters? fight or run? Please tell me I'm doing something wrong, because I can't believe a game that is so highly praised could have such a horrible battle system.

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    Before you click fight you can set orders to your characters. I believe there was a "ORD" cammand somewhere. If you just click fight without giving commands, you characters will attack the left most group with standard attacks until it is dead, then the next group (same as ps3 and ps4).

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    Also, if you press the A button (or whatever button you press your commands in for), you will interrupt the autofighting and then you can change your strategy. Otherwise, when your dudes are kickin' butt (which is a rare luxury in that game), you can sit back, go to the bathroom, or go the kitchen and pop open a can of First Food Cola.


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    The game is over ten years old what did you expect? The fucking game owns hands down quit cryin and get playin anyway this is a sig test

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    Signatures? We don' need no steenking signatures!!!

    Heh, at any rate, diospadre, if you have the patience to play the game (as everything moves slower than necessary), you're in for a whole hell of battles! Good Luck!

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    Phantasy Star II was the best! It will give you a run for your money! It really gets cool when you get to Dezolis. Have fun!

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    Simply hold down during the battle to give commands at the beginning of the next round.

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