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    Well first off hi out there. Found the site by accident after a guy on Puck mentioned it was out there and this place rules.

    My character Marlboro(not PC but I like it) is a RAcast aka big freakin android+big freakin guns. I'm currently lv 56 and shot weapons are my bag in this game.

    And before I go offline for the night I'd just like to make a few observations.

    1)Just because your under lv40 or so doesn't mean you should hound higher lv people. Saw a lv 68 guy getting hounded by a level 32 because the bigger guy was picking up dimates and stuff. Come on you make money by selling stuff.

    Besides you get stuff by being freindly and helpful.

    2)I have not seen a freakin Double Saber, Can't use it if I find it, and have three people on my list I plan to offer it to if I find it.

    3)Shot weapons are not for sissies. Had a guy who hopped in on me and a buddy complain about it because I can hit so many monsters. Then again I unequipped my Crush Bullet and took out a Hildebear hand to hand on hard and then he complained I was just to high leveled so........

    BTW is it true theres a bazooka out there?

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    Yea. Called an Inferno Bazooka. Big and really powerful, but slow.. VERY slow.

    Go with the Spread Needle.

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    Hey there Marlboro, welcome. I am glad to have you here. I hope you can enjoy these forums, with their posts and ideas that contain them.

    I hope you have fun trying to find that double saber and your bazooka. (takes a long time)

    I hope that we can play together in the near future, but for now, enjoy.

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