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    Basically what will you do when the game comes out?
    Will you even pick it up the day it comes out and play it?

    Going online right away with buddies or stay offline for a bit.

    What race will you be and will you be creating one character or several? lol
    IM pick it up the day they get it. I guess it will be the 25th, come home and play it for about 15+ hrs, same thing on enxt day. I'll probably hit 400+ hrs before PS3, Gears of War, Sonic comes out..than my hours will reduce. THe last 3 month of this year will just be me and my video games baby.

    Im get familiar with the control offline then go online with a friend of mine, and maybe here too.

    Newman will be my primary character, than im make a robot and a human but that will be once I hit a high level with my Newman.

    Gamertag: NoobBlenjar

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    First off, I will say good bye to all my characters from the Japanese version, and recreate them and rush online lol. Oh, and maybe I will actually redo story to understand it.

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    Play the game.
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    Start my parodie character campagin

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    Play story mode until I feel the servers are stabalized and ready.

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    I'll probably play some story mode, then get to recreating some PSO characters, namely Nogatorr and Kahwoperstyn

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    I'll be in school but my mom will pick it
    gamertag: chaobo99 (it's in my sig.)
    My character will be War
    and I'll hang out with clan buddies(theres only wanna join?

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    Join a group and get them killed somehow

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    gonna do stand-up gig all day in psows official PSU ship/block

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