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    I am a noob, and I know it, so here is my noob question. Can any class or character use any weapon? and depending on your class or character, do you do more damage with certain weapons? Sorry to ask, but I need all the help I can get! Thanks!

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    No and No...I think.

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    Hunters use most (not all) melee weapons and can use a handgun

    Rangers can use most (not all) guns and can use 1h daggers and 1h sabers

    Force can use Rods, Canes, Handguns, 1h Sabers, and Crossbows.

    The advanced classes specialize in certian weapons.

    only certian races can use certian "specials". Beasts have a Nanoblast and CAST have the SUV weapons.

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    Offline - Super Ethan, who can use anything, Extra Mode(I heard that Extra Mode chars can use whatever they want)

    Online - Depends on what class you are, try checking PSUPedia
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    check out psupedia or the guides that have been put up thoughout the forums.

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    Thanks for the quick feedback! What class can use 2h Daggers?

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    Everything except Ranger, Fortegunner, Guntecher, and Protranser can use twin dagger.

    Wartechers and Fighgunners specialize in them. It will probably be the main melee weapon of Wartechers.

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