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    ya if you are just aiming for exp, its okay at the start to get K.O.ed and just reenter the mission over and over to eventually clear the mission of monsters. (in parties though, you'll be missing a lot of exp if you get KOed in a fight. By the time you return the enemies will be eaten up. and Moons aren't exactly cheap. )

    but it's more effecient to fight smart and spend your resources wisely. besides it's extremely rewarding to get good ranks for missions. lots of class lv. points and extra money that you'd never get only getting a C rank.

    so ya the first thing is to understand the controls and how your weapons work.

    the next thing is to fight in missions around your level you can handle, or even in a party, you still have to be careful if monsters are like 5+ levels higher than you.

    So ya, know your enemies and how they attack and counter attack.

    Next is to not always run into a crowd of monsters. Single attacks are more useful in wearing groups out than lengthened blade combos, which only make you vunerable to getting beaten.

    the other thing is know which attacks/combos stun and which doesn't, it also varies on enemy and difficulty.

    for guns and techs, range is your best ally. and of course since 'ammo' is vital for your best weapons, it pays to have backup weapons on the palette too.

    For preparation, updating weapons is often important for faster results.

    same with healing and photon charge supplies.

    With enough skills and patience, you can clear entire missions without ever getting hit and not having to spend extra valuable healing items due to mistakes and moments caught off guard.

    for Forces, combat is different in roles but even healers/supporters should nuke enemies whenever possible. it isn't always a good thing relying on others to do the attacking.

    So ya back to the combat tips, knowing the enemies and having the reflexes to react and avoid damage is very important. After all you can't keep swinging if you are kissing the ground.

    Take those Mizuraki dragon worm things for example. they burrow into the ground often.
    your radar can still track their movement, and this is what many players overlook, you can completely avoid getting hit when they ascend from the ground if you use the radar to relate their position to their own (dont let them get underneath ya), that is an attack in itself, so pay attention to these things.

    and usually the best attack is a counterattack, the one who evades and attacks last. Take those golden light-element based enemies in Sleeping Warriors relics missions.
    They hop around like bunnies, and jump in really fast to claw you like tastey muffins.

    They have slaughtered countless people due to people's silly idea that attacking first will hit them first. This is not necessarily true for some enemies. Monsters like the golden ones I mentioned are very agile and stay out of reach until you're in a position when it's very hard to recover and avoid their pouncing counter-attack.

    Try to lure them into doing that move, then get out of the way and then clobber them.

    Of course monsters often fight in groups so you'll have to have a keen eye to what everyone's doing and which one to try hitting.

    In cases with fast enemies like these, usually you have to hit whoever's open for punishment at the time, rather than focusing on one, cause the others may prove to be a threat if you just focus on one and ignore the others lethal assistance.

    Especially if you are soloing or even with company, it's embarrassing to leave yourself open for punishment. so play smart, position yourself accordingly and let them have it!

    another thing is combo control and combo expansions the potential of your weapons vary between types.

    Take for example the Saber+Handgun set. instead of using one or the other, you can use both for a constant onslaught of attacks.

    like hit an enemy 1-3 times with a saber, then immediately strafe away from them while firing with your handgun. Not only does this example let you continue dealing punishment, it also moves you out of harms way from a possible counter attack.

    You can even do the opposite. when approaching an enemy, strafe towards them while firing your handgun, then once in range, unleash your saber combo then finish with your Photon Art!
    you see? one weapon supports the other and makes you more effecient!

    tagging you wont get exp at all for enemies you don't damage once. even as a Hunter, a handgun/ranged weapon is handy to tag all the enemies in the area quickly so you'll at least get some exp when they fall by other party members.
    This is helpful when you are falling a bit behind and it seems the players ahead are about to finish them off.

    using guns

    hold the strafe/camera reset button to strafe, this helps line up your shots better.

    the first person view is vital to hit flying enemies you cant target with normal aiming. and its even useful for normal enemies. you cant move though, so position yourself in a safe spot then use it.

    photon points supply

    it always helps to have as many weapons as possible equipped to your palette. in fact it helps to carry many extra weapons too if you can afford it. If one runs out of Photon Points, switch to another.

    Photon Charges are a good alternative to keeping using skills/bullets/techs. but if you have a good supply of weapons, you'll rarely run out before you find a photon charge cube.

    and normal blade attacks don't require photon points so that's a good last resort if you have nothing else.

    faster photon art blade Skill evolving

    while experimenting with knuckles. I learned that you can level up your photon arts skills FASTER by carrying more of the same type of weapon.

    If I have 2 pairs of knuckles I can keep using the photon art linked to them more often than if I only had 1 pair of knuckles. This is because when one runs out, I switch to the other. and that's faster than waiting for it to refill its points.

    This saves time, but people may want to level up different types of weapon photon arts eventually.

    raising your PA to level 11, your blade skill evolves and you can press the PA button again after the first PA for an extra new attack to the combo. It's like a new attack added to your existing PA, but it costs extra to use both one after another. so watch your photon points.

    well that's some tips for ya. mostly for Hunters.

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    Nice. Now say some stuff for Rangers and Forces?
    Coming Soon!

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    Ok, I can provide a halfway decent guide for Ranger, but as for Forces... >.> Not a clue..

    First of all use the basic info that was applied in the first post about Photon Point Conservation (very difficult for rangers due to the amount used in each shot)
    Basically a Rangers job is to enfeeble the enemy as best as you can while still conserving PP for the next group of mobs, If its 3-5 mobs try using a shotgun type weapon to mark enemies that need enfeebles, if theyre fast paced(sp?) mobs you might wanna put them in shock so they temporarly will not attack the hunters. Flip around to guns that have the Fire PA attached to them and set them ablaze for DoT. That's pretty much your job besides maintaining PP if you can master that art then you've got what it takes to be an excellent ranger

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    nice post

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    nice post

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    Double post.
    Coming Soon!

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    Rizen has a good Ranger guide/discussion

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    Meh, I saw that... I WANT ONE FOR FORCES!

    Then again, trial and error works. Eventually.
    Coming Soon!

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    Have you not seen my Spellcasters Anonymous? I'm so hurt.

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