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    Default Helpful PSU Guides (Updated June 1, 2013)

    Here is a list of helpful guides that reside in this forum. Newer guides are at the bottom of each section. Using ctrl + f can help you find what you're looking for quicker from the list.

    Also, please check out our PSO/PSU Guides Section.

    The GUARDIAN'S Guide to the Galaxy!!
    Fanboy's Guide to Beginners

    How to type symbols (stars, notes, etc) into the English PSU client!
    Maps, buttons explained
    The Sound Effect List
    The Music Swapping Guide
    Lobby warp checklist and pricing
    [Project: Gurhal Map Making]
    PSU-PC: Easy Guide to Making Any Controller a Turbo Controller
    Fanboy's Guide to Soloing
    PC users..want to use a wiimote as a controller?
    Legendria's ultimate TECH levelling guide
    Firearms & You: Handguns (yay, charts)
    Compairison chart BRUCE vs. CURTZ
    Character/class info/stat
    Formulas about damages
    Gunner's Arsenal: Ranged Weapons Overview
    PSU-PC: In Game Music File Swaping
    PSU music enhancement patch (Completed!)

    Grinna Bete S in Action (Their attack and detail)
    Kagajibari guide! (the rainbow beast)
    Mini-Guide: Mizura Tactics
    Online Dulk Falkis: S-ranking S-rank Walkthrough
    Sophia teaches how to avoid attacks (video)

    Where to hunt Catilium
    Brand comparison
    Grinding for Dummies
    Material Converter Program
    Fanboy's guide to cost/benefit of Synthing and Grinding.

    Flinching 101: Key for rangers
    Ranger: Shotguns: Did you know?

    Everything about techs!
    Fanboy's (im)Perfect Guide to Forteteching
    Fortegunner as a Beast
    SavageNation's guide to fortetechers
    Spell Casters Anonymous [Force & Technic Guide]
    TECHNIC Leveling Discussion

    A Guide to playing a newman Wartecher
    TECHNIC Linking for Wartechers
    Wartecher Guide
    Wartecher's Solo Handbook
    Fanboy's Guide to Wartechers

    -Other Advanced Classes
    Expert class weapon distribution (screengrabs inside)
    Fighgunner Guide
    The Guntecher guide - written by GTs for GTs.
    Protranser class
    Trap Technology 101
    Tips on Just Attack and Just Counter
    Wren's AcroTecher Guide

    PSU Offline Story Mode Walk-Through
    Offical AoI Story Mode Drop Charts

    1Up: United Front (Moatoob)
    1Up: Invisible Road(Parum)
    Winter event: The Alpha Mission
    Charged Puzzle Guide w/ Pics
    World of Illusion α V2 Guide
    World of Illusion β Guide
    Video Walkthrough of “The Magashi Plan”
    4th System S2 TA Tutorial for FM
    Thanks Festa 2/Protector gamma disc locations (Pics inside)
    Thanks Festa 2/Protector delta disc locations (Pics inside)

    Leveling Spots Guide
    Stixx's Comprehensive Black Heart Hunt Guide
    Dj's Guide for Rappy Hunting: Speed Runs (big pictures inside)
    Inazuma's attack tech afk leveling guide
    Enemy level to character level EXP gain

    -Co-Op Missions
    Quick and Dirty Bruce's Mission Guide
    How to get Neudais Party Mission Samples.
    Guide to Her Secret Mission (lot of pictures)

    -Story Missions
    Story Mode Walkthrough with Tyreek
    Hive Clean-up 2 map
    Chapter 3, Act 2 Switches Miniguide.
    Chapt 4: Shadow of conspiracy
    Chap. 9, Act 2 telepads and switches
    Blue Dragon guide to trapping the kid. Story mode, pics inside.
    S Rank Guide to Ep 2 Online Story Mode A (Videos included)
    Video Walkthrough of Side Story "Innocent Girl"
    Story mission 3-7-2 Guide to get Edel Halp!!

    Partner Machinery:
    Guide to ideal battle PMs, NPCs and soloing.
    PM Combat Leveling Research
    PM Weapon Info

    Quick and dirty mind PM
    PM Device ZERO
    Pure PM guide (Striking, Ranged, & Tech)
    Pure Striking PM Guide (in progress)
    Raising Partner Machine to 400 series Loligirls
    Pure Ranged PM Guide - For less!

    Photon Arts & Specialties:
    Basic Guide to Nanoblasting.
    Wheatpenny's Guide to Blades
    Level bullet PAs over night
    Easy BULLET leveling
    SUV Weapons
    Guide To Levelling Bullets + Techs
    Video for every Skill PA
    PA changes from supplemental update

    Player Shops:
    PSU Ecomony 101: Player Shop Guide
    New shopkeeper guide
    PSU Store Prices
    A comprehensive price list for materials & weapons

    Story Mode Scripts:
    PSU Script: Chapter 1: Of Light and Darkness (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 2: Typical Lives (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 3: Relics (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 4: Rouges (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 5: The Divine Maiden (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 6: Captives of Moatoob (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 7: Photon Sealing (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 8: In Mellvore's Wake (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 9: Hot SOS (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 10: Rite of Divination (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 11: Unification Point (Spoilers)
    PSU Script: Chapter 12: Life Choices (Spoilers)

    Story Mode: Episode 2 (With videos)
    AotI Story Mode: Episode 3 (With videos)
    Episode 3 Side Story: The Magashi Plan (Spoilers)
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