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    Whats is Bruce's Mission?
    Bruce's Mission is the first party mission in PSU. Its timed, and requires a well organized team to be done well. You're required to have atleast 2 people, and can have as many as 5. Bruce himself will actually fill the last spot. There is a 25 minute timer, and the mission ends when you get Bruce to the hologram at the end of the mission.

    How do I get there?
    Once it is implemented on the US servers (probably january 12th), you can get to it at the guardian headquarters on Moatoob. People can not join mid mission, so it will not allow you to start the mission till all members are at the counter.

    Switches and buttons, are you sure this isn't a PSO mission?
    On the JP server, theres actually a few missions that have floor buttons and require multiple people to stand on them in order to progress through the mission. But yes, this is a PSU mission.

    How do the buttons work?
    Although they're similar to PSO, they're not necessarily the same. Just like in PSU, they are circular red buttons on the floor that you are required to step on. But, these buttons are only active while you are on them. If a button opens a gate, it will close the gate as soon as you step off of the button. This is why this mission requires multiple people. There are several places where one person needs to step on a button, while another goes through a gate.

    What are the rewards and requirements?
    S: 16 cexp, 1600 meseta, C-grinder base - 7 min (18:00 left on clock)
    A: 12 cexp, 1200 meseta - 16 min (9:00 left on clock)
    B: 8 cexp, 800 meseta

    B-rank (Req lv 35+, 45~ monsters):
    S: 70 cexp, 7000 meseta, B-grinder base - 15 min (10:00 left on clock)
    A: 53 cexp, 5250 meseta - 20 min (5:00 left on clock)
    B: 35 cexp, 3500 meseta

    A-rank (Req lv 60+, 80~ monsters):
    S: 150 cexp, 15000 meseta, A-grinder base - 20 min (5:00 left on clock)
    A: 113 cexp, 11250 meseta - 24 min (1:00 left on clock)
    B: 75 cexp, 7500 meseta

    How do you fail the mission?
    The main reason that the mission will fail is if anybody dies. Scapes do not work, and the moment anyone gets down to 0hp, the mission ends for everybody. But, the mission will also end if the leader is switched, leader leaves, party gets disbanded, etc. Basically anything that effects the party layout will result in a mission failed. So if you don't know, just don't do it. Get everything ready before the mission.

    Hows the mission broken up?
    The mission is two blocks long, and the blocks can be broken up into sort of themes. The first block is more of a team puzzle than anything. There are many places to split up into smaller groups and shave precious seconds off your time. But at the same time, this means if one person is out of synch, the rest of the team is slowed down. But, there aren't very many monsters and the ones there are aren't very deadly. The second block is all about working as a team to kill monsters. The monsters are very deadly, and you can very easily be caught off guard. Only when everyone is doing their role will it be completely reliably.

    Why does the green group magically become the red group between steps?
    For consistantly sake, I felt that the Red group would always be the group doing things, while the Green group is always the group staying behind. In reality, choosing different people to do different paths may increase or decrease your time depending on the difficulty. I'm only listing what I recommend.

    How come I see more buttons and teleporters than you actually list on the map? And where are the boxes?
    There are several light switches that have negligable effect on the level, and only light up the room while you're standing on them. Every room where you teleport to, there is another teleport out. And, there are several boxes, but for times sake, nobody ever breaks them unless stray bullets accidentally hit them. All of these situations have negligable effect on the actual play of the level. I'm trying to get you through the mission cleanly, not confuse you by covering the entire map with meaningless symbols.

    Where does Bruce's butt kicking powers come from?
    From that smashing moustache of his!

    Block 1

    Because Block 1 your team needs to work like a well oiled machine, I've broken it up into parts.

    Step 1:

    Red Group:
    (recommended - 2 people)
    Both people head right from the start. A handfull of Rapucha will spawn, but just ignore them. One person head straight for the button, while the other person grabs the key. As soon as the person grabbing the key gets out of the gate, the person on the button can step off. One of these two people can then head back towards the Green group. Ideally speaking, the rapucha will already be attacking the person on the button, so he should stay. You might ask why leave only one person killing the Rapucha, but a handful of Rapucha actually die faster when they're all centered on one person, and the other person is needed more on killing the Vanda and three Cog Nadd in the next room.

    Green Group:
    (recommended - 3 remainly people)
    The rest of the people that did not go towards the key stay at the door and enter the door as soon as the key is obtained.

    Step 2:

    Red Group:
    (recommended - 2 people)
    A portion of the team heads south towards the teleproters. Bruce will then say a riddle:
    front portal - Bruce says nothing
    right portal - Bruce asks what hand you hold your saber in.
    left portal - Bruce asks what hand you hold your handgun in.
    back portal - Bruce says something else.

    If you head into the wrong portal you will be teleported back to the start.

    After entering the warp there will be a small group of Vanda. Quickly clear them out and grab the key. Then go into the teleporter and it'll bring you back to the start.

    Green Group:
    (recommended - 3 people)
    Once again, the rest of the people remain at the door and as soon as the key is obtained, they enter the door.

    Step 3:

    Everybody heads through the door and down the path. Generally speaking, the 2 that went into riddle portals will be a little behind, and the 3 that stayed behind will be a little ahead. It is recommended, but not required, that the first 3 people ignore the key, and leave that for the second 2, and just head straight for the 4 buttons. If you use your goggles, you will notice that the buttons are color coded exactly as they are on this map.
    1st button - Red
    2nd button - Yellow
    3rd button - Green
    4th button - Blue

    One may notice this is the same order they appear on the rainbow (ROYGBIV).

    Red Group:
    (recommended - Of the 3 people that stayed behind, 2 enter the gates, and 1 handles the buttons)
    One person will stay behind and handle the buttons while 1 or 2 people go through the gates. For times sake, ideally 2 people will go through gates. After the 3rd gate, one normal Vanda and one Vanda leader will spawn in the gates, while a handful of Rapucha will spawn on the switches. Ignore them all, and instead go for the 4th gate and grab the key first. Once the vanda are cleared, once again go through the 4th gate, and select a teleporter:
    If in step 2 you went into the front or right teleporter, then go into the left teleporter.
    If in step 2 you went into the left or back teleporter, then go into the right teleporter.

    If you select the wrong one, you will be teleported back to where C key was. Either way, after the Vanda are cleared and you head into the teleporter, another group of Vanda will spawn at the buttons. Help clear those monsters, then head towards the CD door.

    Green Group:
    (recommneded - 2 people that went through the the teleporters in step 2)
    The people who get to the buttons last will stay there and help kill the Rapucha. After the Rapucha are gone, the D key will have been obtained, so this group should then immediately head to the door and start clearing the final room of this block.

    Block 2

    This block is a lot more straight forward and in B rank and above, the group should stay together as a team. The key thing to note is that in most places where monsters spawn in this block, there will be Bil de Vear. And even in B-rank, these can easily one hit a 50+ hunter. In A-rank you're looking at level 81 Bil de Vear leaders, which can best be compared to walking meat grinders.

    E-Key - First, just head straight. Some vanda will spawn, kill them, then continue on. There will be a button on the ground and a gate. One person presses the button while the others go through. One of those that go through will press the button behind the gate, and this will allow the last person through. Beware that stalagtite traps will fall on the 2nd button. Clear the Vanda and Bil de Vear, and it will allow you to grab the key. Repeat the previous switch method to get everyone out, and head back towards the beginning. On the way, another group of Vanda will spawn.

    After you use the E-key to get through the locked gate, there will be another set of buttons you need to alternate people one. The first person will step on the first button to open the first gate, while atleast one person goes through the gate and presses the left button. You can the press the right button to open the second gate, and have another person go through and press the final button to allow everyone through to the door. As soon as you get through the second gate, a group of Vanda will spawn. But ignore them until the entire party is through the gates. In the next room there will be yet more Vanda and more Bil de Vear.

    F-Key - You will then encounter a fork in the road. Head right through the door. As you head down the hall, there will be some stalagtite traps and some Vanda. Clear them then head through the teleporter at the end of the hall. You will be teleported to a small room with a Bil de Vear leader and a large number of Vanda. The Bil de Vear leader can be very dangerous, so handle it with caution. Then grab the key and go through the teleporter which will bring you back to the fork.

    G-Key - In the final room you will face the most deadly room in the mission. It starts with a small group of Vanda and a Vanda leader. Once cleared, a group of Vanda and a Bil de Vear will spawn. Once a few of the Vanda are cleared 2 Bil de Vear leaders will spawn with another group of Vanda. Its very possible to have all 3 Bil de Vear out at once. Theres several strategies for this room, such as kiting one Bil de Vear while others kill the other one, or disabling one Bil de Vear while killing the other. Its recommended that all Beasts and Casts save their Nano Blasts and SUVs for these final two Bil de Vear.

    The mission will end when Bruce gets to the hologram at the point marked "End".

    Speed Running Block 2
    C-rank requires a 7 minute run, which just can't be obtained with everyone staying together in Block 2. The Block one directions will work fine, maybe with slight modification depending on your party layout. But for block 2, anywhere you can split up, you need to.

    First, after killing the first set of Vanda, 2 (or 3) people should head back to the locked gate and wait for the key. As soon as the key is obtained, they should head through the button section, and head towards the fork. At the fork they can go right through the door and towards the F-Key. The remaining people should catch up and head into clearing the final room. Ideally, bruce should be in this group so he is as close to the end as possible.

    Staggering, the double edged sword
    The most popular method for dealing with Bil de Vear on A-rank is to stagger the Bil de Vear. There are many ways to do this including certain Nano Blasts, but even normal skills such as Rising Crush (twin sabers) work beautifully. The key idea is that if the Bil de Vear can't do anything, it can't kill you.

    But staggering isn't the end all almighty method. I will say its pretty much required to do, but at the same time its dangerous to do. You see, when recovering from stagger, the Bil de Vear has about a 50/50 chance of going into a spin. Ths means by staggering you're actually increasing the chances for it to spin. And if you mess up while staggering, then you might as well consider yourself dead.

    Bruce's Mission farming, the double edged sword
    Bruce's mission itself is also a sin and a blessing. When looking at it from one angle, it is insane amounts of meseta and class exp when completed. Not only that, but you get free grinders and the drops on A-rank are quite nice. (A decent group of level 50+ people can complete B-rank in about 12 minutes. 12 minutes for 70cexp / 7000meseta, thats just silly)

    But at the same time, the mission tends to bring out the worst in people. It even brings out the worst in the japanese. Which means in the American crowd, its bound to result in insults and name calling and people being called "n00bs" for dying to Bil de Vear. But when it comes down to it, everybody is going to die sometimes. But if you want to stay out of the drama, its probably better you stay away from the mission.

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    Sounds like a fun mission, at least.
    Coming Soon!

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    Only thing making it not fun right now is the fact that even in B-rank, level 60s can be 1-hit killed. Sad but true. I'm not even high enough to enter A, but I'm almost scared to go in.

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    Is this the mission that has Tricktrack (from PSOs spaceship) as BGM?

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    Yes, it does have tricktrack as the background music.

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    Thats awesome!
    Cant wait to play this one!

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    oh man, somthing kinda like C-Mode of the past.. sure we can learn it from your tutorial on it but trying to relay those instructions to party members in real time will be ahellava chore...

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    Sounds like a very nice change of pace from the standard deal that's around so far, in my opinion.

    Of course, it also sounds like the thing a PuG (pick up group) wouldn't be doing as often, heh.

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    In the more crowded universes, you see people in the moatoob guardian's hq (where the mission is located) looking for parties. There are pick up groups for it, and as long as everyone knows their job and theres decent communication, I don't see too much of an issue.

    The real main issue is getting the right assortment of classes. For a good run, you're probably going to need atleast 3 fortefighter/fighgunners and atleast 1 fortecher. The last spot is kind of a wildcard, but will probably be filled by a RA or HU based class since fortechers are a bit of a liability. Yes you need them to heal, but when the big guys can 1-hit level 60 hunters in B-rank, the fortecher has no chance.

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    I had kind of figured this mission would be another gallon's shop variation, since Bruce sells you stuff in Story mode..but meh no biggie, it's just a Challange Mode thing. That's progress at least.

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