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    I have the following two items for sale that may be of interest.

    Durandal +5 12% ground; PP 257 ATT 403 ACC 174

    Compare that to the freshly made model...

    Durandal PP 225 ATT 348 ACC 174

    6 Star Sabers (Not Yet Available)

    GRM Falchion PP 232 ATT 416 ACC 201

    Yohmei Halshiora PP 302 ATT 333 ACC 231

    Tenora Works Selva Falsan PP 162 ATT 576 ACC 184

    This thing has ATT stats higher than the 6 star Yohmei product and is in spitting distance of its 6 star GRM cousin and obviously has more PP than the 6 star Tenora Works item.

    Next item!

    Saiyuhoh Rifle +5 PP 1437 ATT 336 ACC 108

    Freshly made 5 star models by comparison....

    Vullseye PP 1053 ATT 317 ACC 116

    Burzaihoh PP 1368 ATT 238 ACC 133

    This thing has more PP than the Yohmei 5 star and more ATT than the GRM model and it's a mere 4 star item.

    There's little available on PSUpedia about the 6 star rifles, it only has one listed. It's a GRM product with PP 1088 but their ATT stats are way off for their rifles.

    Of course I'm not GIVING these things away but they're a great deal to hold you over.

    Store name is Spectral.

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    I'll buy both if I can afford them.

    Asking price?

    Send me a pm and we'll haggle.

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