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    I want to know: the next update will bring up to what * rank of armors in npc shops?
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    none online? usually people answer in less than 1 min here lol ^_^

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    Well, according to the JP PSU wiki, 5*~7* for weapon/armor, and 6*~8* for weapon/armor synthesis boards.

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    for the next specific update we get in 2 weeks or is that after all of the updates they got?

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    next update if we follow their update schedule

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    Thanks Rainey, that make sense. I've been trying to understand the traduction of the japanese site updates archives, but couldn't see the meaning.

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    yeah Next update we should be getting advance jobs, A rank weapons, Story Mode mission and some new Photon Arts.

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    yea time to save up materials for those A rank weapon/armor while they're still cheap

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    Everything in the next update:
    Weapons up to 6* for all manufacturers for lower class weapons
    7* weapons for one manufacturer per weapon type. For example: Only GRM for 7* sabers, even though tenora and youmei make sabers aswell.
    Boards up to 6* for all manufacturers for all lower class weapons
    7* and 8* boards for one manufacturer per weapon type.

    Armor up to 7* for all manufacturers
    Armor Boards up to 8* for all manufacturers

    Only one of each type of extended class weapon in shops.
    7* and 8* boards for one manufacturer for extended class weapons.

    Some new drops aswell, such as Harisen and Twin Harisen Boards.

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    wow armor gets a big jump, its killing me trying to get the mats for the 6* armor I can only imagine what the 7 or ** would call for.

    So what new techs will we get?

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