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    Where/what is the quickest way to make money? Ive always played in teams, never done solo yet, but Ive heard this is the best way to get money.

    Maybe Valley or Carnage in Moatoob is a profitable place, right?

    I want to be ready for the update, but at the moment I just go 30k =/

    Thanks guys!

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    I need money too before the update, but I'm not really gonna stress over it. Anyways if you want quick money solo, Valley of Carnage is ok, but whatever. I usually farm with friends so I'll get the money I need eventually.
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    You, do know you'll be able to earn money after the update right? Whats the rush?

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    yeah i know not in despair, lol.....just need to make a reasonable amount of money for the new stuff which is coming up......

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    I have always earned more money on Team missions, then again i am a ranger and the prices for PP are just a pain.

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    I find having a shop with the right prices/items will net money quicker than soloing/grouping up.. If you're in a slow party, 1850m or whatever it is for De Ragan A for example can add up pretty slowly. VoC A = 4000m but you need to be 50 lol with like 2x forces.

    My sales from last opening was 27,000. Might wanna think about investing in a shop.
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    the people that have the most money right now is because of syntesis. that is where the money is at. people selling synted weapons and armore are making the $$$$$. i know.... i am one of them... i have... about 550,000 meseta.
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    I plan to sell all my hajirods etc and just buy rayharods and join 5 party groups doing A rank runs on moatoob. I'll just sit back and cast resta while the team brings in the dough

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    Here is what I do. Farm Valley C on Moatoob. You get money and low grade weapons to sell,also you find HARNIUM which is great you can synth it into Soldonium which can be synthed into various B grade melee weapons which can sell from 10-13k depending on the ones you make.God I love being an enterpenuer.

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    u see, that is another very good feeding my pm, but its gonna take ages to make it reach a high lvl...why? I DONT HAVE MONEY just evolving tech for my pm...thats is expensive......

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