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    Yesterday I spent some time with Mewn (or actually I personally just looked up a few numbers and gave suggestions) to figure out what the damage formula in PSU is like; also, this morning I compared some Grinder info from the Bible with the info accumulated on the wiki sites. Results:

    Damage = 1.5^CH * 0.2 * 0.5^Guard (PAM * AEM * Attack - random(0,variance) - DEM * Defense)
    * CH is one on a critical hit (~5% of the time at 100 LCK); otherwise zero. For LCK, would it be true that the 150 LCK Protransers get a CH ~7.5% of the time?
    * 'Guard' is usually zero, but equals one in the cases the defender has inherent protection to the type of attack in question (melee, ranged, tech); some monsters possess these abilities in order to balance out the classes; leader monsters always possess all three of these, despite otherwise having the same stats. Do these stack? Do Lentis and Dizas work the same way?
    * 'AEM' and 'DEM' stand for 'attack element modifier' and 'defense element modifier'. Only applicable when the elements are opposite or the same; the defense one is determined either by the monster's appropriate stat or by a player's Shieldline (and Rainbow units); the attack one is determined by the attacking weapon's or PA's elemental attribute. It should be noted that an additional 5% is added to the elemental stat (so 35% -> 40%) before the calculation is done! So, a 20% elemental PA/weapon of an opposite element would yield an AEM of 1.25; one with 50% of the same element would yield an AEM of 0.45.
    * 'variance' is the difference between the weapon's high and low numbers for its attack stat, of which the low number is invisible in-game.
    * PAM stands for any used PA's attacking modifier, which for Skills is different for each 'stage' during the combo; still needs some testing.
    * 'Attack' and 'Defense' are total numbers, referring to either ATP and DFP (melee/ranged) or TP and MST (techs), depending on which is applicable.
    * I know only little about the support techniques. Would anyone test these or the booster items (perhaps offline or later on online) to check on their effects? Additionally, variable ATP/TP and support techs may still affect each other, complicating things even more.
    Grinding odds:
    In-game messages and their minimal ranges using percentages:

    00~00 %: There is no chance of success.
    05~15 %: The probability of success seems very low.
    20~35 %: The probability of success seems low.
    40~55 %: The probability of success seems to be about fifty-fifty.
    65~75 %: The probability of success seems high.
    ?~? %: The probability of success seems very high.
    100~100 %: There is no chance of failure.

    It would be plausible to assume that the categories are 0, 1~19, 20~39, 40~59, 60~79, 80~99 and 100, but it is hard to tell, especially since there have been reports of 'guaranteed' grinds failing; perhaps the two extreme categories cover 0~4 and 95~100% instead.
    In any case, for anyone that's up for it, there are still a few more percentages of which it is not yet known to what range they belong; of three particular cases of online B-grinders at the lowest level of Luck or Photon Fortune to grind weapons from +9 to +10, it is not yet known what kind of message the clerk would give:
    * B+3 (16%)
    * B+7 (37%)
    * B+10 (63%)
    That's it for now. I hope this could inspire people to find out more of the details.

    - Tycho

    Edit: Mewn pointed out I failed to include the extra 5% elemental bonus.

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    Is'nt it +7% for elemental bonus?

    Also, the damage formula applies to tech too, just replace ATP with TP and DFP with MST as mentioned.

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    dizas and rentis as far as i can tell do not reduce the amount of damage you receive but rather they absorb the damage. almost exactly like stoneskin and powerword:sheild in ffxi and WOW. they probally have a formula for how much damage they can absorb because if you dont get hit they never wear off. i once went afk for 5 hours and when i came back dizas was still on me. when dizas is on you its pretty much the same as being in the invincibility nano blast form. attacks pass through you and cannot stun or flinch you.

    edit:it's also possible dizas functioned like utsuemi in ffxi and absorbs a certain amount of attacks and doesnt care how much damage you receive.

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    On 2006-12-10 04:20, etlitch wrote:
    Is'nt it +7% for elemental bonus?

    Also, the damage formula applies to tech too, just replace ATP with TP and DFP with MST as mentioned.
    I got +5% on both guns and melee weapons, but there might be a margin of error. Needs further testing, perhaps.

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    Included findings that calculations are indeed the same for ATP and DFP on one hand and TP and MST on the other. Already had a hunch it was like this since offline the numbers tended to grow at the same rates for classless characters; good to know it's true.

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    Well i'm not sure about the formula but dmg seemed to increase by 1 every 3-4 increase in atp/tp against regular dfp'd monsters. Not including elemental and pa dmg increase.

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    formula states +1 dmg every 5 ATP/TP, pretty much what you posted before rounding down.

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    On 2006-12-10 08:15, Golto wrote:
    Well i'm not sure about the formula but dmg seemed to increase by 1 every 3-4 increase in atp/tp against regular dfp'd monsters.
    You probably ignored the first post. >_>

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    I think they are all pretty cool.

    Sonic Team made good use of how awesome the Bloom Lighting on the photon of the sabers are, and put them to good use.

    Ive been playing offline all this time, and actully thought that there were no weapons with awesome effects/muzzle flashes or anything to them, but i guess i was wrong.

    Although it lacks Non-Photonic weapons, and list is pretty incomplete, They pretty much look awesome.

    Its just that most of PSO's rare weapons did NOT have completely Photonic blades. Although, some of the swords show that they CAN add markings and textures to the blades.

    I personally would be orgasmic to see the elysion re-released.

    BTW, that Agaito looks frigging cool. It really does look like a photonic version of Sephiroth's sword.

    The grind damage + on that weapon is mother fucking retardedly powerful. (its getting up near the power of an axe?!) Im guessing its to make people who are lucky enough to get it grinded to +10 extremely powerful.

    I actully believe S-rank weapons shouldnt be colored by their Element. I think when you grind them, they should go from Green->Blue->Purple->Red->Gold->White, like in PSO, so the higher the grind, the better teh weapons looks, so people can distinguish, thus making you look cooler.

    anyway, i hope the expansion gives us more manufactorers/ non photonic weapons, and some special effects.

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