by Published on Sep 7, 2004 04:18 PM
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    Tower of Caelum B and Mortis Fons B added to online playable maps. Some card stats have changed:

    Ohgun: HP: -2
    Creinu: HP: +2
    Endu AP:3 TP:1
    Sato: AP +2
    Savitri: HP: 8, AP: +3
    Frozen Shooter: Cost = 3, HP: 8
    Gillchich: HP: 6, MV: 1
    Del-D: AP: 3
    El Rappy: AP: 2, MV: 2
    So Dimenian: AP: 3, TP: 2
    HP Attack: Cost = 3, Color: Cyan
    Drain: Cost = 3
    Glow Guard: Cost = 1, HP: +1
    Stamina: Cost = 3

    by Published on Sep 7, 2004 04:12 PM
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    2. PSO Blue Burst

    Here is a retro list of Blue Burst patches that we havn't reported one, this is just to catch us up on news postings, many of you surely already have long since known of these.

  • 7/15: Update glitch
  • 7/20: Error of denial of entry fixed, stat glitch fix
  • 7/30: Game Guard security strengthened
  • 8/10: Enemy attacks fixed, Section ID calculations redone, Version 1.13.3 released, Reach for the Dream, Gallon's Trechary, Sunset at the Beach, Rappy's Holiday, Today's Rate quests added
  • 8/11: Stat glitch fixed, Version 1.13.4 released
  • 8/12: GameGuard security strengthened, quest glitch fixed
  • 8/27: Edy CUP begins, Edy CUP - Maximum Attack uploaded to server, Version 1.13.6 released
  • 8/28: Error in Edy CUP corrected
  • 8/31: Edy CUP - secret base of evening glow uploaded to server.
  • 9/7: Dressing Room access allowed, Version 1.14.0 released

by Published on Jul 22, 2004 04:28 PM
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Getintothegame writes, "From Cube-Europe:

"According to recent news Phantasy Star Universe will allow more then four people to wonder around in a team at once. Apparently several thousand players can create a team and wonder around the universe together.

The new game also includes several new planets and races. The title will be released in Japan before the end of next year.""

Sounds like a real mmorpg? no?

by Published on Jul 21, 2004 06:34 PM
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Getintothegame writes, "I just passed out seeing this, I have great pleasure passing along this news-

According to GCAdvanced, there is going to be a Phantasy Star Online DS.

Here is the article they posted:

Top SEGA franchises on Nintendo DS? We caught wind of some unofficially announced titles that you can expect. In what is purely speculation at this point, a reliable source has passed along the wonderful news of new SEGA titles planned for Nintendo DS.

Whether the titles listed below are currently in development or just in planning stages, you can expect all of these games to make an appearance in some way, shape, or form:

  • Sonic DS
  • Super Monkey Ball DS

    While those are the previously announced and/or rumored titles, we are pleased to pass along the great news of even more Nintendo DS support from SEGA:

  • Phantasy Star Online DS
  • Puyo Puyo DS
  • "Project Rub"

    Phantasy Star Online DS (tentative title), is said to include both wireless and/or WiFi play, voice command options with the built in microphone and of course touch screen options.

    The rumored title, code named, "Project Rub," is said to be an entirely new and original project from SEGA for Nintendo DS, with no other information known. Perhaps from the suggested code-name, the touch screen will play a large part in the games creation.

    I will keep you guys up-to-date on this news."

    Hmmm that would be pretty cool, hopefully its not just a pure port with touch screen options.
    Thanks to Skett for also writing this to us.

    by Published on Jul 21, 2004 06:31 PM
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    OniLink writes, "According to Sega.com's PSO Plus page, PSO Plus will be released on 8/29/04."

    Now if they actually keep this release date we don't know, but we can hope.

    by Published on Jul 13, 2004 09:49 PM
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    Well according to IGN, PSO Plus is gonna be coming to the US this August. Its said to be priced at $29.99. So I guess the US offliners can get their share of the goodies without importing.

    by Published on Jun 30, 2004 04:35 AM
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    ST's last maintenance added Challenge mode stage 5 to PSO for XBox

    by Published on Jun 30, 2004 04:29 AM
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    ST posted from their new maintenance:

    New jukebox additions:

    Day light
    Wedding March - SAMBA de AMIGO -
    Recollection - Panzer Dragoon ZWEI -
    Sona mi areru ec sancitu - AZEL Panzer Dragoon RPG -

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    by Published on Jun 30, 2004 04:20 AM
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    velocity_7 writes, "According to the latest SEGA PC Players magazine post (PSO Express Vol. , the Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Open Beta is slated to end on July 5th, and Service In will begin July 8th. Other than that, some pictures were included, which could mean new environments:

    People who have registered before June 30 at 15:00 will get a Chameleon Wand as a gift (9-star rare item):

    Also, all teams registered before June 30 get 2,000 points each as a bonus for beta testing. Lastly, the new Episode for PSO BB is expected to show up sometime in 2004 according to the article.

    The bookstore sale version will go on sale on July 8, and the SEGA PC Store sale version on July 15. Both retail for 1,980 yen (w/ tax totals 2,079 yen).

    The download version (400 MB) will be available for 1,200 yen (w/ tax totals 1,260 yen) on July 8. There is no real difference between the bookstore and download versions.

    Also, the free download version that is currently available is no different from the version that will be purchased later.

    Schedule posted by Sonic Team for PSOBB:
    June 30, 15:00 - User ID Registration Closes
    July 5, 10:00 - Open Beta Test Ends
    July 8, 10:00 - User ID Registration Re-opens; Bill Registration Opens; Tentative Formal Service Starts

    by Published on Jun 29, 2004 09:24 AM
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    jack writes, "Sonic Team news page

    Sonic Team has posted news of an Episode I & II quest to be uploaded to US and JP servers on the 29th of June.

    The laboratory has obtained enough data to compile a VR simulation of Gal Da Val Island. The new system is known as VES.

    In addition to the existing VR Spaceship and VR Temple, every location on Gal Da Val Island has been reproduced faithfully, right down to the enemies. This makes for a tough quest!

    At the end of each area, of course, an enormous boss appears! In order to reach the boss, as well as defeat it, co-operation with your teammates will be indispensable.

    A rank will be gained after completing the mission, based on number of enemies destroyed, time taken to complete the mission, and number of team fatalities. Use all your knowledge and skills to aim for a high rank!

    Oh? It seems a secret is hidden in the VR system as well! It seems to be linked to a secret faction inside the laboratory, conspiring with a certain organisation...

    There are multiple ways to complete the quest, but please enjoy the battle that never ends!

    In addition, Blue Star Memories is expected to be uploaded to EU servers, along with the two Episode III download quests, Future Bullet and Future Forecast.

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