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    by Published on Jul 23, 2011 04:13 PM
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    A brand new set of screenshots from Phantasy Star Online 2 has been released in this week's official Japanese newsletter! (Check the link for a full translation.) Let's waste no more time and take a gander! Be sure to click on the screenshots to view larger versions.

    A HUnewearl shows off a new weapon category.

    The frighteningly huge Rockbear!

    It's a group effort!

    That's not all, however! The newsletter also revealed that a PSO2 media briefing is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26, complete with a live broadcast on the Japanese video-sharing site Niconico Douga! Look forward to new videos, screens and information!

    Join in the discussion (and speculation) of these new screens in Angelo's thread at the forum. And stay tuned for more information to come from next week's media briefing!

    by Published on Jun 7, 2011 11:20 PM
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    Attention GUARDIANS! The official message board and Japanese 360 site have updated with exciting details on the Xbox 360 server's next major event: The Great Arms Race! Kicking off Friday, June 10, this event will have individual Guardians side with a weapon manufacturer of their choosing in a race to gather battle data to be used in the production of a brand new weapon. Full details can be found at the official event site, which will open once the servers have come back up from maintenance. Here's a full rundown of what to expect with this update.

    • The Great Arms Race: This event is scheduled to run from June 10 through July 14. The following missions will be available from the start (though others will be unlocked as the event progresses).
      • Weapon R&D Project: Stop by this mission first to choose the manufacturer you want to represent for the event. If you don't select a manufacturer, you won't be able to participate!
      • Visitor's Memory C-S3: This simulation recreates a previous assault on a HIVE.
      • Blizzard Cavern C-S3: This mission simulates an infected native creature infestation in the northern continent of Moatoob.
      • Hit the Counter!: Lucky event participants who hit a 100,000 enemy kill milestone will gain access to this mission where they can collect a unique prize.
    • Special Trading Stn. update: Numerous new items will be added to the RSD's Special Trading Station!
    • Sonic's birthday: June 23 is Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th birthday, so Clyez City has gotten ready for the celebration by decorating the streets with Sonic-themed statues. Decorations (and Jaggo Sonichis) will be up through June 30.
    • Item updates: Aside from the new items dropping from the event missions and added to Special Trading Stn., Casino Voloyal's exchange counter will be updated with the normal rotation of room goods.

    This news post will be updated with new information as it arrives. But for now, check out BIG OLAF's thread on this update over at the forum!

    Update: The official event site is open! Just as a heads up, the manufacturer weapon rewards which will be distributed at the end of the event are different from the original Japanese PC/PS2 version of the event. In the Xbox 360 version, GRM are producing Nug-2000 Bazooka (laser cannon), Yohmei are producing Motav Prophecy (wand) and TENORA are creating Berdysh (spear). Please see the official event site for more information.

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    by Published on May 26, 2011 02:40 PM
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    Information regarding this week's content update for the Xbox 360 servers has been posted at the official forums and the official Japanese 360 site. Here's what to expect, starting Friday, May 27, once the servers come back up from maintenance:

    • GBR Special Week: For the remaining two weeks of the Parum GBR (May 27 - June 9), Scarred Planet, Lightning Beasts, SEED Express and Electronic Brain will all feature boosted EXP and photon art EXP payout.
    • Door to Subspace C-A: A brand new side story mission which takes place between the events of Episode 3 and Phantasy Star Portable 2 will become available at the Holtes GUARDIANS Branch.
    • RSD: Drop-off update: New items will become available at Bruce's item drop-off mission.
    • Item updates: Casino Voloyal's exchange counter will be updated with the normal rotation of room decorations.

    As any other information regarding this update becomes available, this post will be updated with the relevant information. In the meantime, join the ongoing discussion of this update in BIG OLAF's thread at the forum!

    Update: According to the official Japanese 360 site's maintenance notes, a bug which caused the incorrect rarities to appear on certain weapons (Hand Spear S+, Lollipop, Sacred Dusters, Go Vahra Claws and Tension Blaster) was fixed. However, one bug was discovered in the new mission, Door to Subspace, which makes it impossible to receive a particular item even after clearing 20 or more blocks. A fix is being worked on and will be implemented at a date to be determined.

    by Published on Apr 20, 2011 10:53 AM
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    We hope everyone is enjoying the Spring Event and the latest mission release, Protectors ?! To make the event even more fruitful for players who have reached the level cap and are collecting AP, a new GUARDIANS Advanced Style update is scheduled for April 22! This update includes 25 new type and style customizations guaranteed to give you an edge over your enemies. New customizations include defense, evasion and mental strength boosters based on the type of weapons you use as well as attribute defensive bonuses which can reduce the amount of damage you take from specific elemental attacks. For a full list of all customizations being released with this update, please see this post.

    This update also includes the beginning of the Parum Unification Commemoration in Holtes City. Special decorations to honor the anniversary of the joint governmental partnership between humans and CASTs on Parum will be up from April 22 through May 12. Be sure to stop by the Variety Shop, too, as the Parum Unity Souvenir will be on sale for the duration of the lobby, letting you take home a little piece of the celebration! Finally, Casino Voloyal's exchange counter will be updated with the normal item rotation.

    Discussion of this update is already well underway at the forum, so feel free to jump on in and share your thoughts with everyone!

    by Published on Apr 8, 2011 11:12 AM
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    Some very big and exciting changes are in the near future for the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Universe! With the end of online support for the PS2 version of the game coming April 14, PSU will become PC-exclusive, throwing open the doors for types of updates the game has never seen before! Dubbed PSU update 3rd, this ongoing release of new content promises to take the world of Phantasy Star Universe to a whole new level, starting at the end of April!

    As with the previous two supplemental updates (known as GUARDIANS Advanced Content on the Xbox 360 servers) that have occurred, this update will add hundreds of items to the game, including new weapons, clothes and parts. Stepping up from this, however, update 3rd will introduce brand new photon arts and SUV weapons! As indicated by the images on the official site, players can look forward to photon arts from Phantasy Star Portable 2 and PSP2 Infinity such as Blade Destruction, Sazonde and Dus Skadd! New SUV weapons include the likes of Big Impact, Air Ride Cluster and Flame Panzer.

    Upping the ante one more time, update 3rd will introduce brand new areas to Phantasy Star Universe, something which has not occurred since the release of the expansion Ambition of the Illuminus over three years ago. New areas include Clad 6, Ohtori Castle, Crodog Jungle, Mt. Elbars and many more from Phantasy Star Portable 2 and PSP2 Infinity!

    Other additions promised with this update include fixes to existing bugs, such as erratic player movement caused by monster hit box entanglement -- something most people have experienced by getting too close to large enemies such as Polavohras and Svaltuses -- as well as new missions to utilize all of the new areas. And finally, a little something for humans and newmans...! While we wait for the initiation of this update in the coming weeks, stop by the forum to join in the ongoing discussion of this exciting news!

    by Published on Feb 5, 2011 04:36 PM
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    Earlier today in Japan at the "Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Nationwide Fan Thanks Festival 2011 sponsored by Caloriemate," SonicTeam announced that the alpha test for Phantasy Star Online 2 will begin this summer! Entry into the test will not be open; instead, all participants will be selected by lottery. And your first chance at putting your name into the drawing will be by purchasing Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, which will be released in Japan on February 24. The first printings of the game will include a special code inside the box as designated by a yellow sticker on the outside of the case. This code is required to enter yourself into the alpha test drawing. Keep in mind that only the UMD release of PSP2i will feature this code; the download version will not include the code. Furthermore, Japanese Phantasy Star Universe and previously-subscribed Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst players will have a chance at getting into the test, as codes will be distributed to them, too. Specific details on this method of code distribution will be made public at a later date.

    Special thanks to Ryudo for bringing this to our attention! Stay tuned for further information in the coming months!

    Update (February 7): Details on the alternate methods of obtaining an alpha test lottery code for Japanese PSU and PSOBB players have been announced!

    If you purchased a Hunters License for the Japanese version of Blue Burst at any point between January 1, 2010, and November 30, 2010, then you will receive a lottery code at a later date through the e-mail address you registered with your account. However, if you registered and play via the Hangame version, you will not be included.

    Japanese PC/PS2 Phantasy Star Universe players will have three chances at getting a code, as they will be distributed to eligible players in three different batches. Here are the dates of distribution along with the requirements for each.

    1. February 24: You must be a premium course player on February 20 or you must have bought 3,000 GC (or more) between January 1 and February 20.
    2. Early April: You must be a premium course player on March 31 or you must have bought 3,000 GC (or more) between February 21 and March 31.
    3. Early May: You must be a premium course player on April 30 or you must have bought 3,000 GC (or more) between April 1 and April 30.

    As before, codes will be sent to eligible players via e-mail. Also, this offer does not extend to those who subscribe to the game through Hangame or those who play the Xbox 360 version. And finally, even if you meet more than one requirement, you will not be sent more than one lottery code. Good luck to all eligible players!

    by Published on Jan 26, 2011 11:42 AM
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    We're all stuck playing the waiting game as we jump at any tiny bit of information or news on Phantasy Star Online 2. Well, a little bit of info came to light recently. Don't jump too high, though! We may have a few more months to go before real news starts to surface.

    From the most recent issue of Dengeki Games and via the news site Shougai PSO, an interview with Producer Sakai, Senior Director Terada and Director Suganuma has shed a little more light on PSO2

    • Development of PSO2 has been running alongside PSP2 Infinity, so the game is further along in development than some people likely think.
    • Some kind of announcement may be made around the end of April, during the finals of the Infinity Grand Prix.
    • PSO2 will not be set in either Ragol or Gurhal. Instead, look forward to an even larger setting with numerous planets as indicated by the game's logo.

    And... that's all for now. It's not much to work with, but it's definitely a start. Join in the discussion of this news in this thread!

    by Published on Jan 19, 2011 12:53 PM
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    Following updates at the official English forum as well as the Japanese Xbox 360 site, a brand new GUARDIANS Boost Road will begin on January 21 and run through February 24! Following a path through the Mizuraki and Saguraki Conservation Districts, this route provides a drop boost to the following four missions for GBR participants:

    • Mizuraki Defense
    • Demons Above
    • Sakura Blast
    • Flowery Pursuit

    Furthermore, these four missions will receive S3 difficulties to up the challenge for everyone as well as introduce a few new items to the game. Also be sure to check out the winter lobbies in Clyez and Holtes City... they'll only be around through February 3!

    Update: The English update page has also been posted detailing this content. Note that Snowman will be available at the Variety Shop for the duration of the seasonal lobbies. There will also be a Casino rotation from the Berry/Sweet set to the Goth set. Hit the Counter! will still be available for those players that earned a milestone prize during the event and haven't picked it up yet. Ice Crystal Exchange will also still be available, but with a few minor tweaks. Congratulations to everyone who helped unlock all of the Absolute Zero milestone rewards! These will be distributed at a later date. Look here for a discussion thread about this update in the forums.

    Update: The JP end maintenance notes mention that the team has fixed an issue which would cause certain game servers to crash.

    by Published on Dec 28, 2010 11:14 AM
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    You may remember our news post from October detailing information on two recently-discovered Phantasy Star trademarks. Now through various Japanese game news sources, such as Gpara.com and 4Gamer.net, SonicTeam have unveiled one of the two titles.

    Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters is a Japan-exclusive mobile game app being hosted through the Japanese service Mobage Town. Categorized as a "region-based" RPG, this game lets players undertake the investigation of an unknown planet where they must carry out a top secret mission gathering data and investigating a ship which had to make an emergency landing on the planet. The application utilizes your phone's GPS capabilities to determine what type of monsters you will encounter, so as you move from area to area across Japan, you will discover new monsters to battle. Furthermore, Eternal Hunters will be linked with the upcoming Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, letting you obtain exclusive weapons for use in the PSP title.

    Eternal Hunters is slated for release on Japanese mobile devices this winter. Pre-registration has begun, and a lucky 30,000 registrants will be selected for an early trial run of the game. Once service of the full game begins, it will be free to play, however you will have the option to purchase items for use in the game.

    Thanks goes out to DarK-SuN for posting information on this title. Check out the thread to join in the discussion!

    by Published on Nov 26, 2010 09:50 PM
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    Good news for those of you who just can't wait to get a taste of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, the upcoming expansion to the hit Phantasy Star Portable 2! A free demo of Infinity is scheduled for Japanese release this coming January! The demo will be made available for download through the Japanese PlayStation Store as well as the official PSP2 Infinity website. Here's what all the trial will have to offer:

    • Player level cap will be LV100, battle type cap will be LV20.
    • Play the first chapter of both Episode 1 and Episode 2.
    • Utilize multi-mode, internet multi-mode and the new friend search function.
    • Play the new infinity missions and experience the return of visual lobbies.
    • Includes some collaboration items and additional download missions.
    • Completely transfer your save data from the full version of PSP2 (or PSP2 The Best).

    Keep in mind that the release date and contents of this demo are both subject to change. Furthermore, downloading the demo will require at least 600MB of free space on your memory stick. Also, the demo and full versions of the game will not be able to play cooperative multi-mode together, and once the full version of the game is released on February 24, 2011, the online demo services will be ended.

    Thanks to WBMike for bringing us this information. Stay tuned as we await further details on the release of this demo!

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