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    by Published on Jun 30, 2004 01:43 PM
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    For those of you wondering what would be the fate of Sonic Team considering Sega and Sammy's merger. Fear not, Sonic Team is here to stay. For full details check out Gamespot's article here.

    In further Sega news, check out Sega's new web portal July 1st. Again, more details from Gamespot here.

    by Published on May 18, 2004 12:55 PM
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    ST posted announcing the start of the open beta trial of PSOBB will start on May 21, 2004. If you wish to participate, you will need the client disk which will be included in the June 4.18 issue of the Japanese Dorimaga magazine of the June 8 issue of the Japanese Techwin magazine. Their sites will also start offering exlusive downloads with no charge. You will also need a Game ID to register. Anyone with an email address can register for a Game ID.

    by Published on May 18, 2004 12:53 PM
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    Gamespot released news today that reveals Sammy will be taking over Sega in a stock buyout and will be merging into one new company called Sega Sammy Holdings. The two companies won't become immediately integrated, but plan to be by 2007. Also according to the article, "Starting July 1, Sega's seven subsidiaries--Sega Wow, Sega AM2, Hitmaker, Sonic Team, Smilebit, Amusement Vision, and Digitalrex, will begin integrating back into Sega."

    What does this mean for the future of Sonic Team and PSO?

    by Published on May 18, 2004 12:50 PM
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    As you most likely already know, Sega has announced a new game for the PS series mysteriously called "Phantasy Star Universe."

    Here's the full article by IGN:

    May 12, 2004 - Phantasy Star Online fans who were disappointed that Sonic Team declared Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution the last installment in the PSO series or those turned off by the card based nature of Ep. III had better turn that frown upside down. In Sega's booth at E3 2004, Sonic Team held its "stealth announcement" of its latest project -- Phantasy Star Universe.

    What exactly is Universe? According to Sonic Team, "it's a rebirth of a legend." But, we don't really know. IGNcube learned from Sega that this title is so far in the future that they aren't allowed to release any details. The trailer, which aired every two hours, was merely there as a teaser for fans of the series -- telling them that there is something coming. Platforms weren't even revealed, although we imagine that it will definitely be on GameCube because of the large PSO user base (and it's the traditional PSO platform now that the Dreamcast is defunct). There have also been rumors that a PSO game is slated to appear on PS2, so Universe might be Sonic Team's initial foray onto Sony's console. Xbox is a possibility because Episodes I & II were released in 2003 -- heck, it could even be a PC title (we doubt it since PC is getting Blue Burst. Pure speculation.
    The only other concrete details we learned was that this is going to be an action MMORPG. Does this mean it'll be akin to Phantasy Star Online? Or, will it resemble Final Fantasy XI? All we know is that it's going to be a while before we find out -- especially since the trailer revealed "just started..."

    The trailer itself lasted a little under four minutes. The first minute and a half was a brief introduction to the new title. Apparently, it will be Phantasy Star Online 2 because it's a whole new game that takes place in a whole new world. The rather ambiguous thing is that the trailer references both Phantasy Star Online 2 (which is what we think this is) and Phantasy Star V.

    The rest of the trailer was composed of highly detailed full motion video. The most noticeable thing? FMV sequences. Next? Sonic Team has overhauled the art style for universe -- everything looks a bit smoother (although it does maintain some similar elements). The trailer roves from lush grass to a futuristic city. You watch as a character jumps out into the air onto a hover board, activates some sort of suit, and then zips off into the horizon. Later, a similar theme is displayed when a different character morphs into a beast. For the finale, a group of adventures fight a giant two headed dragon/lizard creature. The trailer is simply amazing. Watch it here.

    Trust us, we'll report back with more on Phantasy Star Universe as soon as details are available. It's gonna be a long wait, so watch the trailer now , seriously.

    Check out IGN's media here.

    by Published on Apr 13, 2004 10:56 PM
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    IGN Reported this today in their PC news:

    April 13, 2004 - As reported in our recent Gaming Life in Japan, the latest Phantasy Star Online game is coming to the PC.

    Blue Burst is actually just the PC version of Phantasy Star Online: Episode 1 & 2 which already appeared on GameCube and Xbox. However, there are a few changes in store. You can now access shortcut commands, visible at the bottom of the screen. A new character, Momoka, appears in the game's lobby area and offers up new quests. More exciting is the new "Team System," where you hook up with team members and can even communicate with one another from across different ships.

    There is also the promise of improvements in a few areas that have gotten a bit stale in the PSO world. Sonic Team has mentioned improved graphics and control. We're not sure how much these areas will be improved, but with the PSO engine being a few years old now, we'll take any additions.

    The biggest change appears to serve as a good means of keeping people from cheating. Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst is an online-only experience. Character data is now stored on the game servers far out of reach from those who would modify their characters to give them an advantage in battle.

    A closed Beta test for Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst began recently in Japan, meaning an official release for the game should happen shortly.

    by Published on Apr 1, 2004 12:18 PM
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    In a sudden and rare press release, ST has revealed the next and final installment of the PSO series! We have the full excerpt of this exciting news!

    This new volume of PSO will feature a continuation to the storyline that is already present as well as new items, new weapons, new stages, new costumes and 3 brand new classes. Currently planned for GC only, Episode 4 will feature server side saving features. The player limit per game has also been increased to 12 people.

    Needless to say, we're more than just excited. Don't forget to read more!

    Gotcha! Happy April's Fools Day. SUCKERS

    by Published on Feb 2, 2004 02:10 PM
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    SEGA of America Associate PR Manager has confirmed that "PSO Episode III is slated for the first week in March."

    That's the official word direct from Sega, but keep in mind release dates can always change at any time!

    by Published on Sep 8, 2003 07:21 PM
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    At the request of Dreamcast Magic, PSOW posts the following news:

    In an effort to save online play for Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast, Dreamcast Magic has set up an online petition to save PSO from being taken offline. Just go to this petition link and sign it, Fight for your right to party on PSO! Also you can e-mail Sonic Team at [email protected] and tell them to keep PSO online!

    by Published on Aug 26, 2003 12:29 AM
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    ST announced today that the EP 3 trial servers will be down Tuesday, August 26th from 3pm til 5 pm JP time to prepare for Sega Cup. Please do not connect during this time and please end all games before the scheduled maintenance.

    by Published on Aug 25, 2003 11:34 PM
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    ST announced that 2 new quests will be coming to PSOPC. "Rappy's Holiday" and "Gallon's Ambition" will be coming to PSOPC on Friday, August 29. Rappy's Holiday is an online quest playable for up to 4 people. Gallon's Ambition is an online quest playable for up to 4 people. There will be a server maintenance on Friday, August 29, from 2 pm until 3 pm. Please do not connect during this time and please end all games before the scheduled maintenance.

    Thanks to WhiteHawk for submitting this information.

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