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    lollipoplolita writes, "ST posted that The East Tower, a Gamecube only online quest in the Control Tower playable for up to 4 people, will be up on May 27th. To prepare for this quest, there will be a server maintenance on Tuesday, May 27th from 2pm til 5pm JP time. Please do not go online during this time and please end all games before the scheduled maintenance time. Thank you!"

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    Sonic Team put up more East Tower quest information details:

    "The door of Control Tower has been opened at last. Now the full-scale investigation by Hunters will be started. This time, you mission is to wipe out the ferocious enemy dwelling in Control Tower, together with reliable friends.

    "I would like you to mop up monsters in Control Tower and to turn it into a place for research teams to enter safely." Now the new mop-up operation has started !

    Advancing in Central Control District, "Control Tower" will come into view. This time, you will rumble into there along with your friends !!

    The enemy in Control Tower is simply powerful ! Let's cooperate with your companions and annihilate the enemy !

    "I'm currently looking for a Hunter who is going to Control Tower... " It seems this is that character who you know very well. It says it is looking for a Hunter who is heading for Control Tower.... Why on earth ?? "

    Sounds like it'll be a mass Control Tower Mop Up. And hello Hopkins!!! As mentioned before, the quest will be online and playable for up to 4 players. Maintenance time for the quest is still unknown.

    English Minhinro was also updated with new illustrations and screenshots. Be sure to check them out!

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    Our JP affiliate Cotan reports that: "East Tower," a new GC quest will be available on Tuesday, May 27, JP time. News of this new quest was published in the current 5/23 Famitsu magazine.

    East Tower will have you journeying in the Control Tower. This quest will introduce you to the eastern portion of the Control Tower. The western portion of the Control Tower was introduced in the last GC online quest: Seat of the Heart. East Tower will be an online quest and will be playable for up to 4 people. 2 NPC's, Paganini and Hopkins, will reappear in this quest. It is speculated that you might need to beat Seat of the Heart to play this quest.

    There will be a server maintenance on Tuesday, May 27 to load the quest onto the servers. Please end all games before the scheduled maintenance and do not log onto the servers during the scheduled maintenance. The time of the maintenance is currently unknown.

    Since all information right now is in Japanese, we'll post more info when and as we get them.

    Join in the discussion on this upcoming quest in our forums here. You can find rare item drops for new enemies in Seat of the Heart here. 3 new items that you can get from the Seat of the Heart quest are: Flame Garment, Demonic Fork and the Il Gill's drop Nei's Claw.

    ShadowDragon28 reported this news also and links www.ktplan.ne.jp/~Gheaven1 as his source. Thanks ShadowDragon28!

    On an unrelated note: JP Xbox Live servers will be undergoing a server maintenance on Friday May 23rd, between 4:30 pm and 6:30pm JP time. You can read that news report here.

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