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    by Published on Apr 8, 2005 11:30 AM
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    Its time once again for a Card Revolution. The cards that are being changed are as follows

    Cross Scar: HP = 8, 3 AP, 4 TP
    Guld Milla: HP = 9, 2 AP
    St. Rappy: HP = 9, 6 AP
    Mil Lilly: HP = 7, 2 AP, 3 TP
    Damage Blow: Cost = 2
    Attack 6: Cost = 3
    Hand Break: Cost = 2, AP = +1, Colors: not red or blue
    Snatch: Cost = 1
    Penetrate guard: Cost = 2, HP +1
    Fix: Cost = 4
    Heavy Fog: Cost = 3

    Also 3 cards will have their rarity changed. Madame's Umbrella +, Sonic Knuckles +, and Sinow Beat +.

    These changes go into effect on April 12th. Remember that future card revolutions can be found here

    by Published on Nov 13, 2004 01:37 AM
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    PSOXtreme writes ---Card Revolution Festival---

    Card Revolution Festival is a 2 part event that will be held from November 9th to the 30th, to commemorate the 1st year anniversary of the Japanese release of PSO Episode 3.

    During this Online festival, there will be significant changes to many cards, allowing for even more diverse strategies, and the creation of even more unique decks.

    In addition to this, during the festival you will have a greater opportunity to obtain rarer cards. So please take advantage of this by taking part!

    Festival Details:

    ---Part 1
    November 9 to 18: "Rappy Card" Festival (Try looking at your rappy cards! Cool huh? Also you should expect some other little goodies throught your battles)

    ---Part 2" November 18 to 30: "High Card" Festival (??? No news yet, up to you to find out! ???)

    Enjoy the latest event of Episode 3!

    by Published on Sep 8, 2004 07:08 PM
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    Episode III no longer has the FSOD glitch which was caused by the english code that was avaiable before the US version was out. There's no need to fear FSOD, so come on, get back online already!

    by Published on Sep 7, 2004 04:18 PM
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    Tower of Caelum B and Mortis Fons B added to online playable maps. Some card stats have changed:

    Ohgun: HP: -2
    Creinu: HP: +2
    Endu AP:3 TP:1
    Sato: AP +2
    Savitri: HP: 8, AP: +3
    Frozen Shooter: Cost = 3, HP: 8
    Gillchich: HP: 6, MV: 1
    Del-D: AP: 3
    El Rappy: AP: 2, MV: 2
    So Dimenian: AP: 3, TP: 2
    HP Attack: Cost = 3, Color: Cyan
    Drain: Cost = 3
    Glow Guard: Cost = 1, HP: +1
    Stamina: Cost = 3

    by Published on Jun 30, 2004 04:29 AM
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    ST posted from their new maintenance:

    New jukebox additions:

    Day light
    Wedding March - SAMBA de AMIGO -
    Recollection - Panzer Dragoon ZWEI -
    Sona mi areru ec sancitu - AZEL Panzer Dragoon RPG -

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    by Published on Jun 12, 2004 02:19 AM
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    Online Quests are now available to the US users till the 22nd.

    This does not mean we get the download quests though so don't get too excited, ST doesn't love us that much.

    by Published on Jun 12, 2004 02:11 AM
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    Malkavian has posted a summary of the Gather Cup with some details on a couple of the matches he watched as well as a full listing of teams that competed.

    NOBUchan and Rutia were the final winners against Irwin and Yamato.

    1 Invincible Fantasy eve & Sword+75
    2 It is deep, it comes, friendship thermal coming soul NOBUchan & Rutia
    3 Lol sushi Billie Joe & Yatoa_san
    4 Japaness daughter +YAMATO & IRWIN
    5 The cousin it is Final Toumi & Masato
    6 Team PMSayuki & Kick
    7 Priest[*:Soppu:*] & -GODFATHER-
    8 Wolf laneYuffie & Rain
    9 3 year 2 set representation Student & SAKU01
    10 3 year 1 set representation Teacher & Mise'l
    11 CreateD.D & ALUTH=AIZEN
    12 Noodles section +Y.s:Eddie & Migiumu
    13 Old boy of ??Ring & Zin
    14 Tron & SPMew SP & TORON
    15 ?l?C & heathNei 4th & HEATHCLIFF=F
    16 Gold FactionYuki Katase & RIRIKA

    by Published on May 29, 2004 12:34 PM
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    lollipoplolita writes, "

    Ruleset: 30 Minute Battle, Minimum Dice 3, Maximum Dice 5, Character HP 20, Shared HP

    On 6/2-6/4 at 22:00-1:00 JP time, there will be 4 ships called G-1 GP/PRE01~04.
    These ships will have special tournaments on them which, when won, will raise your Gather Points, or Gather. While you are on a Gather ship, you will be able to see your Gather Rank above your name, same as you would normally check you rank on regular ships.

    Gather gained from each tournament round
    1st round win 100
    2nd round win 200
    3rd round win 500
    Finals win 1000

    Tournaments start every half an hour, so there are 7 possibilities to enter.

    Gather points gained are not changed regardless of facing a human or CPU opponent, so CPU bashing (in the tournament of course) is perfectly acceptable for gaining points.

    On 6/5, at 1 AM JP Time, the tournament preliminaries will be over. the top 32 players will be announced on the JP Episode 3 Web Site by 10 AM JP time, and will be able to send their information to be qualified for the finals.

    If you are in the top 16 according to Sega's list, you will be allowed entry into the special G-1 GP/ENTRY ship on 6/5 from 13:00-15:00 and from 21:00-
    23:00 JP time.

    If you are in the top 16, you are to go to the ship, and give Sonic Team your Guild Card Info, your Partner's Guild Card Info, and your Team Name to be used for the tournament. You're done after that point until the finals.

    If you make the Top 32, head to the ship from 23:00-24:00 JP time. You may still get an entry. The way this works is this:
    Lets say the first place player chooses the third place player as his partner. Rather than having the Top 16 people pick their partners for the 32 player finals, there are now only 15 teams. So 17 then gets to choose his partner to make up that last team. So, if you're not in the top 16, but close, you still stand a good chance, given that most high ranks will be playing in pairs.

    Then we have the finals. On 6/6, from 17:30-17:50 JP time, the 32 players will be able to enter the special G-1 GP/FINAL ship. The tournament will begin at 18:00 JP time. At that point, any prospective spectators may then enter the ships and do their thing.

    And now we come to the prizes...

    The winning team will recieve for each player:
    A years subscription to Game Gather
    An award certificate in the form of your favorite card
    3000 yen in Webmoney
    An exclusive Episode 3 Quo card
    A mystery prize

    And the runners up will recieve
    An award certificate in the form of your favorite card
    1500 yen in Webmoney
    An exclusive Episode 3 Quo card
    A mystery prize

    That about covers it! Good luck, and have fun!


    by Published on May 25, 2004 02:45 AM
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    lollipoplolita writes, "

    ST posted announcing that the new Ripples quest, an online quest for 2 people is up and available. This quest will be online from Tuesday, May 25th until Tuesday June 8th. This quest has the same map as the one that will be used in the Gather Cup. The Gather Cup Map is up online to play, so that people can get used to it before the Cup and plan strategies. More info will follow shortly.

    Remember that Grand Prix prelimary rounds are on:
    Wednesday, June 2nd starting at 10 pm - 1 am (JST)
    Thursday, June 3rd starting at 10 pm - 1 am (JST)
    Friday, June 4th starting at 10 pm - 1 am (JST)

    Final Tournament is on:
    Sunday, June 6th starting at 6 pm (JST)


    by Published on May 3, 2004 11:54 AM
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    lollipoplolita writes, "ST announced some interesting news! According to Sega's Web Site and the new May issue of Game Gather, the first World-Wide PSO Episode 3 tournament is to be held in June.

    The official name of this tournament is "F1 Gran Prix - Who Is the World's Strongest Team?"

    This tournament, unlike the previous two, is different in that it will be a Team Tournament. So you'd better be tailoring your decks together with a friend if you want to make it anywhere in this tournament!

    The preliminary point rounds will be spread over 3 days, unlike the marathons that heralded the last two tournaments. Dates are as follows:

    June 2nd 10 PM - 1 AM JST
    June 3rd 10 PM - 1 AM JST
    June 4th 10 PM - 1 AM JST

    The qualifiying teams then play on to the main Tournament date on June 6th from 6 PM JST

    The winning team then also plays an exhibition match against the Game Gather Staff after the finals are over. Who knows what kind of decks these guys will bring to the field?

    ST also announced that there will be additions and changes to the lobby jukeboxs. For this, there will be a server maintenance on Thursday, May 6th from 2pm til 5pm (JST). Please do not connect to the servers at this time and please end all games before the scheduled maintenance. This will affect both PSO Ep 1&2 and PSO Ep 3. There are no changes to PSO Ep 1&2.

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