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    by Published on Sep 22, 2007 07:59 AM
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    The Japanese Amibtion of Illuminus website was updated yesterday with the last Hal Report video. This video showcases several new lobbies, interactive room decorations, and ends with a preview of the storyline for the expansion. New lobbies will include a casino on Moatoob, temple on Neudaiz where you attempt to increase your photon fortune, and beach area on Parum. Since the last segment of the video contains exclusive footage for the upcoming storyline, certain portions of this portion could be considered to be spoilers. Credit goes to Skye-Fox713 for bringing us this news.

    by Published on Sep 15, 2007 09:21 AM
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    The Japanese Ambition of Illuminus website has been updated with the next Hal special report video and Chapter 3 of Phantom of Arkguard. The Hal video gives a brief preview of several new stages which will be available in the expansion. The information contained in it will not be overly useful to anyone that has been following the progress of the expansion. However, the Phantom of Arkguard animated comic is interesting. It details the events following the final offline Story Mission and sets the stage for the story in the expansion. Be warned that it contains spoilers for the final chapters of the Story Missions. EspioKaos has been kind enough to translate the comic in this forum topic.

    by Published on Sep 15, 2007 08:41 AM
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    According to Shougai PSO, Enterbrain publishing company will be releasing the Ambition of Illuminus Perfect Bible in Japan. The previous Phantasy Star Universe Perfect Bible featured several hundred pages of information about gameplay, missions, items, and monsters. The new version is expected to be released in November for 2940 yen. Credit goes to EspioKaos for spotting this news.

    by Published on Aug 24, 2007 04:38 PM
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    Sonic Team has released a new Hal video that showcases several changes being made to the battle system in Ambition of the Illuminus. The video contains before/after comparisons of the new Just Attack, Just Counter, and Evasion systems. These changes will allow hunters to chain together attacks, counter enemy attacks, and dodge more effectively. Credit goes to Allison_W for bringing us this news. You can discuss this video in our Phantasy Star Universe forum.

    by Published on Aug 9, 2007 05:25 PM
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    Coming from the most recent issue of Dengeki PlayStation, much more information on Ambition of the Illuminus has been uncovered.
    • Two more new lobbies have been revealed: a bamboo village and a gravesite. (Players from PSO will likely recognize the second of those two.)
    • A new item delivery system will allow players to transfer items from their nanotransformer back to their room while in the lobby.
    • A new transport system will allow players to move from lobby to lobby (for a small fee) without needing a party member in the lobby they wish to go to.
    • Players will be able to move their room to any of the three planets they wish!
    • Shop search functions have been upgraded, now allowing players to search by price, rarity, category and other descriptors.
    • PM storage capacity will be able to be increased through the use of a special item called a Nanotransformer EX.
    • Item synthesis rates will go up on all items, but those that require extremely rare materials will see an even larger increase in success rates.

    To see a full list of these new details, check out the Illuminus FAQ over at the forums.
    by Published on Jul 20, 2007 08:55 PM
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    The Japanese Ambition of the Illuminus site was updated earlier today with a new layout as well as some new media. There are three video clips to watch, however, be warned that one of them (the promotional video) features some pretty big spoilers. Watch at your own risk! The other two are relatively safe, though. Hal Report vol.1 recaps the events of PSU: Episode 1 while the TV commercial shows very brief clips of some of the new areas and weapons in the expansion.

    In other news, the site shows a new game subtitle, Phantom of Arkgald, which may be the title of Episode 3, slated to be released online following the release of the expansion. We'll have more information on this as it develops.
    by Published on Jul 6, 2007 01:16 PM
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    This week's issue of Famitsu has opened the floodgates on new information on the upcoming PSU expansion, Ambition of the Illuminus. With all of the new information and images that have surfaced, be warned, there are spoilers all over the place. So, if you'd prefer not to see any of the new weapons, enemies, areas, etc. we'll be treated to later this year, do not click either of the above links or the "read more" link below. On the other hand, if you don't mind taking a peek at what's to come, click away!

    Battle System Overhaul
    • Just Attack: This special attack is exclusive to striking weapons. If timed correctly, you can unleash the Just Attack on the second or third hit of a combo for extra power and new sound and visual effects.
    • Just Counter: This move allows you to turn a guard or evasion into an immediate attack, if you time your button press correctly.
    • Striking weapon PP recovery bonus: Striking weapons will now recover a little more PP by using normal attacks. If you land a critical hit, you will regain a larger amount of PP.
    • Monster AI upgrades: Monster AI will see an improvement by the time the expansion comes around. They will no longer just chase players across maps, but will instead actually use knowledge of their own attacks and abilities to their advantage.
    • Elemental stats will be adjusted. No real details have been given yet, but we could see adjustments to attributes that would make even low elemental weapons and line shields useful.
    • Weapon grinding: The no-break-grind system will be implemented. In this system, you no longer have to worry about completely destroying a weapon on the chance that it fails a grind. Instead, a failed grind will reset its stats to their original numbers and decrease the total number of grinds that particular weapon can have.
    • Photon Art disks: Instead of erasing a PA to make room for a new one, you can now convert it into a disk format to keep and relearn later.
    • New battle types: We already knew about these, but now we know what the requirements for each are. Acrofighter requires that you have lv.3 Hunter and lv.5 Ranger; Acrotecher requires lv.3 Hunter and lv.5 Force.
    New Fields
    • Il Carbo Base: This map takes place inside an AMF base on Moatoob.
    • Saguraki Conservation District: A cherry tree-lined mountainous trail on Neudaiz.
    • AMF Central HQ: Missions here take place inside the AMF HQ on Parum.
    • Habilao Restricted District: A strange mushroom forest with extremely high photon concentrations.
    • Caves: PSO fans will remember this place...
    • Mine: Straight from PSO. No word just yet on how this (or the above) will work into the story.
    New Enemies
    Over 30 new enemies will appear in the expansion including Alteratsu Goug, SEED-Ardite and SEED-Arguine.
    New Weapons
    Numerous new weapons of all types will be added, many of which take their designs from various PSO weapons such as the Van-brella and Madam-brella, both of which are shotguns derived from PSO's Madam's Umbrella.

    New Costumes
    All 12 classes from PSO will be covered when it comes to costumes in the expansion with the PSO Replica series. Aside from that, however, many original designs will be available including the organic male SPF Set and the CAST female Valatenes Set.

    New SUV Weapons
    • Gigas Faust: A "rocket punch" attack that hits in a straight line in front of your character.
    • Lapia Fluge: Instead of unleashing a massive attack, CASTs can now heal, revive and cleanse party members within the radius of this support SUV.
    New Photon Arts
    • Vishi Grudda - Photon Whip
    • Chikkyo-renji - Slicer
    • Renga Chujin-shou - Twin Dagger
    • Chuei Jitotsu-shin - Twin Claw

    Check out the two posts above for discussion, pictures and further details. Extra special thanks to Lyrise for help with translating and clarifying portions of this information.
    by Published on Jun 28, 2007 11:35 PM
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    Reported earlier today by Rakuten Ichiba, the Japanese release date for the PC and PS2 versions of Ambition of the Illuminus has been set for September 27th! According to the article, the expansion's story mode will be a retelling of the events of our current game's online story missions (Episode 2) complete with voice overs during event sequences as well as a more powerful story. Following this, the network mode of Ambition of the Illuminus will feature a new series of story missions to be known as Episode 3.

    Stay tuned for more details as they are released!
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