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    by Published on Jan 22, 2009 11:12 AM
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    A new section of the official Japanese Phantasy Star Universe site has opened revealing new details on the previously announced major update coming to the Japanese version of Ambition of the Illuminus. Slated to be released this spring for the Japanese PC/PS2 servers, this update will be in the form of a free-to-download patch. Considering this method of delivery, PC users will receive the full benefit of the patch, however PS2 players will only be able to take advantage of certain aspects of it. Here are some details on what to expect.

    • Over 160 new items will be added in the way of weapons and clothes. We can expect to see many weapons carried over from Phantasy Star Portable.
    • Various balance adjustments will be made to photon arts, GUARDIANS types, races and SUV weapons.
    • Exact counter (just counter) will be modified so that the user is invulnerable while countering an attack.
    • A point system will be implemented to allow characters that have reached the level cap to turn excess EXP into points which can be used to further upgrade their abilities.
    • Common box functions will be further expanded.
    • A lock function will be added to allow players to protect items that are near and dear to them so that they can't accidentally sell them to an NPC vendor.
    • New varieties of missions will be added, such as some which will have restrictions based on (for example) GUARDIANS type.
    • The billing system will be updated to include an optional "PSU Ticket" system. Basically, this will allow players to purchase "PSU Tickets" that can be used to gain access to even more in-game content such as exclusive missions and the ability to modify the element and attribute percent of weapons and line shields.

    You can join in the discussion of this exciting information at the forum. Stay tuned, as we'll be bringing you further details on this future update as they arrive!

    by Published on Aug 21, 2008 08:18 AM
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    To celebrate the second anniversary of the release of Phantasy Star Universe in Japan, Sonic Team is sponsoring the second annual Thanks Festa event. Scheduled to run from August 21 to September 25th, this Japanese event will include several new missions and GM events. Also, the event webpage has been opened to the public. Unlike most event websites, this one includes a special report section. You can use it to view listings for the most popular classes, races, and Partner Machinery.


    Based on the timeline for last year's event, it is expected the regional servers will receive this event sometime in early 2009.

    by Published on Aug 2, 2008 07:47 AM
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    On August 1st, the Phantasy Star Universe: Amibition of the Illuminus Oriiginal Soundtrack was released in Japan. This CD contains sixteen tracks and costs about approximately $40, depending on where you import it from. Here is a breakdown of the track list:
    1. Save This World -Remix-
    2. Shitenkaku
    3. Old Rozenmon City
    4. Ethan
    5. Habirao F.D.
    6. Paracabana Coast
    7. De Rol Le
    8. Save This World -Remix Short Version-
    9. Laia
    10. Illuminus
    11. Growl, From the Dark Faith
    12. Paracabana Coast -Remix-
    13. Casino Voloyal
    14. MOTHER
    15. Fight the Vicious Fate
    16. Save This World -Remix Version-

    The CD Cover art can be found here. Credit goes to EspioKaos for first reporting this news and and Sharkyland for providing a reminder. This CD can currently be purchased from Play-Asia.

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