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    by Published on Oct 9, 2008 09:39 PM
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    Just in case one video wasn't enough for you, here's another one containing gameplay footage of Phantasy Star Zero from this year's Tokyo Game Show!

    As you can see, the video features another battle with the dragon Rayburn, this time with the player using a HUmar. You may notice a familiar death animation for our dragon friend, and it's also worth noting that players appear to take damage as the boss falls defeated.

    Be sure to stay tuned to PSO-World as we continue to follow the latest news and media from the Tokyo Game Show and feel free to visit our new Phantasy Star Zero Forum for further discussion!
    by Published on Oct 9, 2008 07:39 AM
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    The Tokyo Game Show is currently in session and the first gameplay footage has been released by Gamekyo. If you have Flash enabled, you can view the video below.

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    The video features a player using a FOnewearl to fight against the Rayburn. While the player does not appear to have a firm grasp of game mechanics, we do get to see following new game elements such as item boxes, switching areas, boss portals, and the combat system.

    Credit goes to Risingsun for discovering this video. You can join in on the discussion in this forum thread.
    by Published on Oct 1, 2008 03:28 PM
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    The very first footage of Phantasy Star Zero has been released!

    Aside from this, images from the latest issue of Famitsu surfaced, revealing new bits of information on the upcoming DS title. I took a moment to translate what I could make out, though some details are a bit sketchy due to the blurriness of the picture. I'll be sure to update this post as I am able to clarify any of this.

    • Two story characters have been revealed: Salisa (newman) and Kai (human). Salisa is described as "a young girl from a forgotten race" while Kai is called "a veteran Hunter."
    • Photon arts are confirmed for the game, explaining the presence of a PP gauge in previous screens as opposed to a TP gauge. When PP is used with a weapon, a "charge attack" is performed, otherwise known as a photon art. The style of attack varies depending on weapons.
    • One new technique was revealed: Alresta. This heals all party members within a certain radius of the caster as opposed to Resta which heals only the caster. It turns out that Alresta is simply a "charged" version of Resta.
    • Newmans were born on the moon, and are a good-natured race that had been long forgotten.
    • As with Phantasy Star Online, the background music in Zero will change when enemies are encountered.
    • The story mode focuses on a group known collectively as "The Hunters." They discovered weaponry based around photon energy from an ancient civilization and now are using those weapons to fight back against a presently unnamed enemy.

    Thanks to Evila for posting the magazine article and trailer! Also, feel free to jump into our discussion of this new info at the newly-opened Phantasy Star Zero forum!

    by Published on Sep 21, 2008 11:58 AM
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    An interview with Satoshi Sakai, producer of Phantasy Star Universe and now Phantasy Star Zero, was published in the September 20 issue of Nintendo Dream. Fan site Shougai PSO posted a synopsis of the article which you can find translated here. For quick reference, here is a list of new game details Mr. Sakai revealed.

    • Phantasy Star Zero is a completely new title set in a brand new world.
    • Zero's gameplay mechanics will be based heavily around PSO's. But despite this, the developers hope that the unique style will attract more fans to the series, even those who have never touched a previous Phantasy Star title.
    • The Nintendo DS was selected as the platform for this title to help broaden the age range of players.
    • Zero was selected as part of the title to invoke thoughts of a new beginning for the series.
    • You will be able to play with people you've never met over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. No details were given on if or how Friend Codes will be used, however.
    • PS0 will not support voice chat or vibration functions.
    • PSO's word select system is a possibility, but has not been confirmed.
    • PSO's symbol chat will not return for this game. It is being replaced by visual chat, allowing users to draw their own pictures using the stylus.
    • Many common item and technique names will return from PSO.
    • The developers hope that, despite this game taking place in a completely new world, it will still bring out feelings of nostalgia and other fond memories.

    Stay tuned for more information on Phantasy Star Zero. We expect to see new details rolling in more quickly as we approach the Japanese release of this title in three short months!

    by Published on Sep 16, 2008 10:30 AM
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    According to a recent homepage update, Sega will be releasing Phantasy Star Zero to Japan on December 25th of this year.* That's only three months away! Compared with PSP, the announcement and ship dates for this title are quite close.
    by Published on Sep 10, 2008 06:50 AM
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    A brand new title in the Phantasy Star series was just announced by SEGA.


    Entitled Phantasy Star ZERO, this will be the series' first outing on the Nintendo DS. ZERO is said to be a completely new game, though it will borrow heavily from the Phantasy Star Online series. This new title will feature a single-player story mode as well as multi-player online through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and local area networks (both up to four players). Multi modes will allow for communication through visual chat, which allows players to draw their own artwork or write their own text for their teammates to see.


    Keeping in touch with its apparent predecessor, Phantasy Star ZERO will have the return of many race/job combos from Phantasy Star Online. This includes ones such as RAcast, FOmarl, HUmar and HUcaseal, but a few newcomers have also been revealed like the HUnewm and HUmarl. Furthermore, this new title will feature many new areas and lobbies to explore. Three such areas include the Glacea Ravine, Riou Snowfields and the Ozett Swamp. Information is a bit scarce on this new title, but we can expect to see more details in the coming months, as ZERO is slated for a Japanese release this winter.


    Stay tuned! We'll be sure to bring you the latest info as it arrives! Special thanks goes out to Toadthroat over at the forum for bringing us this information! Feel free to join in the discussion!


    Update: Famitsu scans

    Update #2: The official Japanese PS0 website has been launched! A few important notes from what the site offers include the confirmation of character creation and that there will be a total of three races (human, newman, android) and 14 race/job combos in the game. Also, the main stage will be the Earth and its moon.

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