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    by Published on Sep 9, 2013 05:30 PM
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    This morning, at Sony Computer Entertainment's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, SEGA announced its latest installment in the Phantasy Star franchise, Phantasy Star Nova. The game, set in the same universe as Phantasy Star Online 2, will be an exclusive to the Playstation Vita and will feature an offline, single-player story, as well as online co-op for up to four players.

    The title is being developed by tri-Ace, also known for games in the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile franchises. There was no indication if Phantasy Star Nova might make it to the West, but it is slated for a 2014 release in Japan. More details are to be revealed next week, during the 2013 Tokyo Game Show.

    A big thanks to everyone who posted about this news in our forums! We'll be sure to post more updates as they become available. In the meantime, feel free to check out the ongoing discussion here!

    Update: More details have emerged, courtesy of Shogai PSO and Mike in our forums, be sure to check them out in the forum tags above!

    by Published on Jul 7, 2013 01:34 PM
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    Once again, the PSOW Phasion Group is back to present their biggest Art Contest yet.

    This contest will open from July 4 to August 4. Its unique reward style is having more prizes available when there are more submissions. There are three categories to enter: Photoshop, Artwork, and Portrait. Contestants can enter one in each category for more chances to win.

    Although the contest is mainly about PSO2, the contest is open to all PSOW members, whether playing PSO2 or not. For more details, follow the link.

    by Published on Mar 26, 2013 12:10 PM
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    The Western release of Phantasy Star Online 2, previously announced in July of last year, has been confirmed by SEGA to be officially delayed. Originally slated for an "early 2013" release in North America, PSO2 failed to make an appearance at this year's event at PAX East and there have been no official updates on its release until now.

    "We don't have any specifics, but will update everyone as soon as there are more details to share," said a SEGA representative when asked about the delay.

    The Japanese release of PSO2 continues to perform well, with the game recently launching on the Playstation Vita platform. As of February, there had reportedly been over 1.7 million player IDs registered for the service.

    We will attempt to get further information on this delay and will post more details as they become available. In the meantime, be sure to check the PSO2 forums for the latest buzz and discussions surrounding Phantasy Star Online 2!

    by Published on Mar 14, 2013 11:08 AM
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    SEGA has released a new video and updated their teaser site to show off some of the content and features coming down the pipeline later in March for Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP).

    Part two of the "Walking Together" content update will roll out on March 27th and will include the new Weapon Camo system, new Team Room content, Spring Romantica fashion update, Cherry Blossom lobby, and more. Check out the video and then read more details below!

    March 27th Update - Walking Together Part 2

  • Weapon Camouflage System (detailed here)
  • Team Room Expansion
  • New Hot Springs Team Room
  • Register music discs to change background music of team room
  • Increased level cap on Photon Tree
  • Spring Romantica Fashion Update
  • Japanese-style Teahouse costumes
  • Elegant School Uniform
  • Bath Towels
  • Includes original costumes from PSU's "Project CUTE"
  • Accessories including Head Towel and Flower Headband B
  • New Aries weapon camo for wands
  • Cherry Blossom Lobby
  • Runs from March 27th through April 10th

  • Features cherry trees in full bloom, chairs, and parasols (sun shades)
  • Lillipas will supposedly appear in the lobby
  • Other Game Updates
  • New Grind Skip ?7 item to instantly grind item to +7 level
  • New Feature for Trading ?10 Weapons & Units at the Recycle Shop
  • List most ?10 Weapons & Units in My Shop
  • Increased chance of Parallel Areas (now including boss areas)
  • New title counting number of times grinding a ?7 or higher weapon to +10
  • Enemy experience adjustments based on level difference
  • A big thanks to Macman for posting about the video in our PSO2 forums! Be sure to check out his forum thread for the latest discussion on the update, or leave us a comment here to let us know what you think!

    by Published on Mar 13, 2013 01:54 PM
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP) has received its latest content update, which brings new Advance Quests and Pyroxene Shop items, as well as some weapons and a new matter board campaign. Here's a breakdown:

    New Advance Quests (Requires Lvl 45+)

  • Frozen Tundra - ?????????
  • Mines - ???????????
  • Floating Continent - ???????????
  • New Weapons (only a portion are listed)

  • Dragon Slayer (Sword)
  • Gekitsunaata (Partizan)
  • Inferno Bazooka (Launcher)
  • Gadian'na (Talis)
  • New Pyroxene Shop Items

    Matter Board Campaign #2

  • Campaign Period: March 13th through April 3rd @ 11:00am JST
  • Requirements: Reach the 3rd, 5th, or 8th Matter Board
  • Reward (3rd board): (2) 50% EXP Booster
  • Reward (5th board): (1) EXCube
  • Reward (8th board): (1) EXCube, (5) Advance Capsule A
  • Reward Distribution: Late April

  • The technical details of this week's update are as follows:

  • Update Size (PC): 66MB
  • Update Size (Vita): 1.05GB
  • Launcher Version: 01.05.03
  • Game Version: 1.0301.5
  • First Time Download Size (PC): 7.1GB
  • This story will be updated as additional information is revealed and translated. For more details and discussion on all things relating to PSO2, be sure to head over to the PSO2 Message Boards!

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    by Published on Mar 6, 2013 02:03 AM
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP) has received it's latest content update! Previously revealed through a teaser video back in February, this latest content update brings the White Day event, as well as the "Universe Star Collection" fashion update. Here's a brief recap:

    White Day Event (through March 27th):

  • White Day Lobby (blue version of Valentine lobby)
  • Limited time Emergency Quest
  • Limited time Client Orders from Shii
  • New Items: Rappy Cannon & Blue Rappy Fan
  • Fashion Update (FUN Scratch):

  • Hairstyle: Casual Long (male & female)
  • Accessories
  • Cat Ears headband
  • Bunny Ears ribbon
  • Fashion Glasses
  • Green Eye Monitor
  • Red Eye Monitor
  • Cyber Goggles (red)
  • Cyber Goggles B (green)
  • Blue Lava Lamp room item
  • Universe Star Collection:

  • Emilia Replica Costume (female)
  • Guardians F Replica Costume (female)
  • Guardians M Replica Costume (male)
  • Marie Wind Costume (female)
  • Blue Rappy Costume
  • Hairstyle: Half-up Ponytail (female)
  • Hairstyle: Side Ponytail (female)
  • Accessories
  • Head Nano Port (?)
  • Marie Headband
  • Wing Valletta
  • Black Wing Valletta
  • Leader Antenna
  • White Ribbon
  • White Side Ribbon
  • System Update:

  • Updated My Room shop lineup
  • More details will be added as they are released and translated. In the meantime, keep an eye on the forums for the latest breaking news. Also, don't forget about the many campaigns that are still running. Thanks guys!

    by Published on Mar 6, 2013 01:38 AM
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    During their 6th Live Broadcast on March 5th, SEGA revealed a number of new things coming down the content pipeline for March. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New Dragon Altar field for Amduscia
  • New Team Features:
  • Hot Springs Team Room Design
  • Team Room Jukebox
  • Photon Tree can be leveled up more
  • Weapon Camouflage Items - Exclusively (for now) from AC Scratch. 13 to be released at first. These will allow players to apply camos and accessories to their weapons, changing the look but not the stats (ie: apply a Guitar Case camo to an assault rifle).
  • New scratch and costumes (appear to be Japanese culture-themed costumes, as well as bath-towel costumes)
  • Story content previously released first on either PC or Vita will become available on all platforms.
  • New Emergency Quest featuring Chrome Dragon and its rare form.
  • In addition to some of the new details, SEGA tipped viewers off to a "secret" campaign which is currently running. To participate, just type ????? in chat before maintenance on March 13th. Participants will be rewarded with new voice tickets later in the month.

    A big thanks to Z-0 for posting the update details, as well as TehblackUchicha for posting about the new field! Be sure to hit the forums for more details and discussion relating to this news. A couple of great threads have been highlighted above for your convenience.

    by Published on Feb 28, 2013 03:00 PM
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    Phantasy Star Online 2 for the PS Vita has officially been released in Japan! While there has still been no word on a possible Western release of the Vita version (nor updates on the previously announced 2013 release on PC), die-hard fans can still enjoy the game by downloading and playing the Japanese version from the JP PlayStation Store for free (note: the game and registration forms will be in Japanese, so be prepared to do some translating).

    With PSO2 Vita's release comes a number of additions to the game, some for the PC version as well. Almost all of this information has been previously revealed in various news stories, but here's a recap for your convenience (this story is still being updated):

    Newly Added for PSO2 Vita Launch

  • New Blocks for Vita-only and PC/Vita shared
  • Vita blocks will have fewer enemies and fewer emergency quests / trials
  • Maps are smaller to allow for quicker completion
  • PSE Burst will last longer
  • PC players playing on Vita blocks will experience the same changes
  • New Chrome Dragon boss
  • Will appear in an interrupt event on Vita & PC/Vita shared blocks
  • Will spread to PC blocks via players who have encountered it already
  • New Story & Side-Story Quests
  • Chapter 9 Story Quest: "The First Farewell" (Vita First)
  • Side Story Quest: "Arks Combat Tournament (PC First)
  • PSO2 Vita Special Package (retail bundle with bonuses)
  • Eight costumes from PSP2 (previously revealed here)
  • A PSP2 weapon set (Wing Spada, Clad Cannon, Clad 6)
  • A mag evolution device
  • 30 Day Premium Set
  • 1000 FUN ticket
  • Decorative Little Wing Stickers
  • A soundtrack CD with songs from PSP and PSP2
  • Available for purchase here
  • New Items & Weapons
  • New NPC Kuna with new client orders (on Vita first, PC in the future)
  • New NPCs Toro & Kuro (PlayStation mascots)
  • Their client orders are available only on Vita
  • Partner cards can be obtained on Vita (and then used on PC or Vita)
  • Will be able to gain a mag evolution device from these NPCs
  • Five new campaigns from SEGA (detailed here) with rewards
  • There is also a wealth of information available in our PSO2 forums, where a number of discussions are already taking place regarding PSO2 Vita's launch, new features, Chrome Dragon, and more. Be sure to drop by and see what's new!

    by Published on Feb 27, 2013 10:17 PM
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    With PSO2 Vita launching, SEGA has released a number of campaigns to sweeten the deal for new and returning players. The campaigns include new registrations, character leveling, AC purchase, Web Money, and White Day (yes, you counted FIVE campaigns). Here are the details:

    New Player Registration Campaign

  • Requirements: Create a new SEGA ID for PSO2
  • Campaign Period: February 27th through March 20th @ 11:00am JST
  • Rewards: (1) Rappy Doll room item
  • Reward Delivery: April

  • Level-Up Campaign

  • Requirements: Reach level 10 and/or 20, or log in with a character at those levels
  • Campaign Period: February 27th through March 20th @ 11:00am JST
  • Rewards (level 10): (2) +50% XP Booster,
  • Rewards (level 20): (2) +50% XP Booster, (2) +50% Rare Drop Booster
  • Reward Delivery: April

  • AC Purchase Campaign

  • Requirements: Purchase 2000 or 5000 AC or more.
  • Campaign Period: February 27th through March 20th @ 11:00am JST
  • Rewards (2000 AC): (2) Grind Success +10%, (50) Grinders, (4) Grind Risk -1
  • Rewards (5000 AC): (1) Yellow Rappy Suit
  • Reward Delivery: April
  • WebMoney Campaign #5

  • Requirements: Purchase 5000 AC or more (in one purchase) using WebMoney
  • Campaign Period: February 27th through March 31st @ 11:59pm JST
  • Prize: 1000 WebMoney points (500 available)
  • Notes: If you are a winner, you will receive a "Jackpot" screen after payment processing (pic here)

  • White Day of Love Campaign

  • Requirements: Clear Client Orders from Hans and Ravelle
  • Campaign Period: February 28th through March 6th @ 11:00am JST
  • Rewards (Hans / Swarming Beasts): (2) White Day Rappy Mugs
  • Rewards (Revelle / Black Slaughter I): (2) White Day Gift Box
  • Rewards (Revelle / Black Slaughter IV): (1) Rappy Mug & (1) Gift Box
  • Reward Delivery: March 13th, 2013 during regular maintenance

  • More details & pics will be added shortly. In the meantime, be sure to check the PSO2 forums for the latest discussions!

    by Published on Feb 27, 2013 08:55 PM
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    SEGA has announced that their sixth live broadcast for Phantasy Star Online 2 will air on March 5th on Niconico Nama. This episode will be welcoming PSO2 Vita players, as well as celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series and the latest milestone of 1.7 million player IDs.

    Like previous broadcasts, the show will by hosted by Haruko Momoi, Ichitaro Ai, guest Atsuko Enomoto, and PSO2 producer Satoshi Sakai. Here's a brief rundown of what will be included:

  • Over 100 minutes of Live PSO2 gameplay and information
  • Info on the next content update, "Walking Together" for PSO2 PC and Vita
  • Update on the "Character Voice" project

  • The broadcoast starts at 9pm in Japan, with doors opening at 8:50pm JST. To those of us in the Western hemisphere, this should be around 7:00am EST / 6:00am CST / 5:00am MST / 4:00am PST. To view the broadcast, click here.

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