Item Summary
Japanese Name: エイトオンス
Versions: Phantasy Star Zero

8-Ouncer Details

Phantasy Star Zero
Availability: On the North American version, it can be acquired from the Photon Collector in exchange for 5 Photon Drops.
Details: The version received from a quest has Ice Lv1, rather than Exp.
Rarity: 2 2 Star(s)
Weapon Type: Daggers Daggers
Elemental Ability: Level 1 Exp
Maximum Grind: 80
Requirement: Level 2
Resale Value: 10 Meseta
  Base Maximum Grind
Attack: 45 205
Accuracy: 139 139
Photon Arts
Name Attack Mod % Accuracy Mod % PP Used Elemental Ability
Reverse Kill 80% 80% 25 -
Usable By  (O = Yes, X = No)
Hunters Rangers Forces

8-Ouncer Pictures
Contributed by Ryna
8-Ouncer8-Ouncer: Description

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