Pioneer Halloween

Quest: Pioneer Halloween
Description: "Find "Cake," the legendary candy! The Naura Sisters may have some, somewhere on Gal Da Val Island..."
Client: Young woman
Reward ???

If you complete this quest, you will get cakes. Everyone has a different cake types. The cake type you get is based on your serial number/guild card number.So doing the quest with the same character or your different characters won't make a difference.The same gamecube will still get the same cake since the serial number/guild card number is the same.

Please note: Pioneer Halloween quest 2002 cakes were dependent on Section ID. Pioneer Halloween quest 2003 cakes are dependent on serial number/guild card number.

When you complete the quest you get 1 CAKE for each person in the room (3 players you get 3, 1 player you get 1). Now trade cakes and get all 8 different types. You have to trade 7 cakes with 7 other people for their cakes. Cakes are differentiated by 2 ingerdients and type.

Take them to a hidden Rappy meeting area (Rappy party with the bunch of rappies in a circle) and give him all 8 cakes. Talk to the rappy that asks how many rappies there are in the quest. The answer is 25. Then talk to the rappy who says that he smells something sweet with the cakes in your inventory. He will then give you a pumpkin.

There is a lady in the quest that can identify the different types of cakes for you (since they only appear as "cake" and have no info as to what type they are in the item window), but apparently it doesnt make a difference. Once you start feeding the rappy cakes, the doubles will be greyed out, according to Xeno, so it should be easy knowing which cakes to feed him. Once you have fed him 8 different types of cakes he will give you your Jack O Lantern. Hopefully this will help diminish the amount of "Cake" question threads.

You can get one lemon-frosted lemon cake (shaped like a rappy) per character. To do so take the many cakes you get from the Naura sisters to the rappy party before you take them to the lady on Pioneer 2. The answer to the question how many rappies are there is 25. You will then be given the lemon cake.

The lemon cake acts like any other cake. It's merely a bonus. It can be used as one of the eight cakes needed to receive a Jack-O'-Lantern.

You can get one Jack-O'-Lantern per character. Just take eight different cakes to the rappy party.

A Jack-O'-Lantern can be opened offline. If you don't like the MAG cell you got you can press reset and reload the data with the Jack-O'-Lantern intact. Try opening it again. Rinse and repeat.

GC 2003 Note: Hallo Rappies replace Love Rappies online in the VR Temple as long as the Halloween lobby theme is active. Once the lobby theme is gone, the Hallo Rappies will be gone. Note: the telepipe trick does not work online.

Apple Pumpkin Strawberry Sliced Almonds
Cherry Pineapple Banana ?
Potato Chestnut    

Custard Powdered Sugar Strawberry Jam Chocolate
Raw Butter Honey Blueberry
Marmalade Yogurt    

Rare Cheese Chocolate Sponge ?

There are 25 rappies in all. Pumpkin which contains mag cells if you give him the correct cake A mag cell will evolve your mag if used correctly.

Mag Cells In This Quest
Cell of MAG 213 Cell of MAG 502 Heart of Chao Heart of Chu Chu
Heart of Opa Opa Heart of Pian Parts of RoboChao Heart of KAPU KAPU

Jungle Area North
Jungle Area East

Credit: VulpesMundi, castelli and Valleo

Available on the following platforms
Gamecube Xbox Xbox

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