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Battle Mode
Battle Mode: Information 2 Guides
Battle Mode: Rules and Maps 8 Guides
Beastiary: Blue Burst Experience Counts 1 Guide
Beastiary: Bosses 18 Guides
Beastiary: Cave 4 Guides
Beastiary: Central Control Area 3 Guides
Beastiary: Crater 1 Guide
Beastiary: Desert 1 Guide
Beastiary: Enemy Technique Weaknesses 3 Guides
Beastiary: Forest 4 Guides
Beastiary: Mine 4 Guides
Beastiary: Offensive Attack 1 Guide
Beastiary: Printable Guides 3 Guides
Beastiary: Rare Monsters 1 Guide
Beastiary: Ruins 4 Guides
Beastiary: Seabed 2 Guides
Beastiary: Seasonal Monsters 4 Guides
Beastiary: VR Spaceship 2 Guides
Beastiary: VR Temple 2 Guides
Challenge Mode
Challenge Mode: Character Stats 18 Guides
Challenge Mode: Episode 1 Maps 11 Guides
Challenge Mode: Episode 2 Maps 5 Guides
Challenge Mode: Guides 4 Guides
Challenge Mode: Information 17 Guides
Character: Attributes 12 Guides
Character: Class Guides & Comparisons 10 Guides
Character: Class Information 12 Guides
Character: Equipment 5 Guides
Character: Experience Levels 2 Guides
Character: Maxing Stats 8 Guides
Character: Section Id's 11 Guides
Character: Stats 7 Guides
Character: Status Conditions 1 Guide
Character: Suggested Level 1 Guide
Character: Version 1 Class Reviews 9 Guides
Excavation Reports
Excavation Reports: Bluefull 4 Guides
Excavation Reports: Greennill 6 Guides
Excavation Reports: Oran 6 Guides
Excavation Reports: Pinkal 3 Guides
Excavation Reports: Purplenum 9 Guides
Excavation Reports: Redria 9 Guides
Excavation Reports: Skyly 10 Guides
Excavation Reports: Viridia 5 Guides
Excavation Reports: Whitill 11 Guides
Excavation Reports: Yellowboze 3 Guides
Item Drop Frequency Rates
Item Drop Frequency Rates 14 Guides
Items: Protector 4 Guides
Items: Support Items 1 Guide
Items: Units 2 Guides
Mags: Feeding Charts 4 Guides
Mags: Gallery, Evolution & Colors 11 Guides
Mags: Guides 25 Guides
Mags: Mag Cells 3 Guides
Mags: Mag Color Galleries 18 Guides
Mags: Photon Blasts 1 Guide
Maps: Cave 15 Guides
Maps: Central Control Area 15 Guides
Maps: Forest 14 Guides
Maps: Mine 10 Guides
Maps: Printable Maps 1 Guide
Maps: Ruins 15 Guides
Maps: Seabed 8 Guides
Maps: VR Spaceship 6 Guides
Maps: VR Temple 6 Guides
Miscellaneous: .Beat System 2 Guides
Miscellaneous: Bugs 1 Guide
Miscellaneous: Gamecube Technical Issues 2 Guides
Miscellaneous: General Faq 4 Guides
Miscellaneous: Hunter's License 1 Guide
Miscellaneous: ISP & Technical Issues 1 Guide
Miscellaneous: Leveling Up, Finding Rares & Telepipe Tricks 7 Guides
Miscellaneous: Lobby Action Keys 1 Guide
Miscellaneous: Name Information 1 Guide
Miscellaneous: Rumors 1 Guide
Miscellaneous: Seeing Rico & Flowen 1 Guide
Miscellaneous: Setting Up BBA & ISP 3 Guides
Miscellaneous: Snapshot Walkthrough 5 Guides
Miscellaneous: Song Information 1 Guide
Miscellaneous: Story, Ships & Version History 7 Guides
Miscellaneous: Unlocking Ruins and CCA 1 Guide
Miscellaneous: Word Select 4 Guides
Printable Guides
Printable Guides: PDF 12 Guides
Quests: Download Quests Walkthrough 1 Guide
Quests: Enemy Counts 10 Guides
Quests: Enemy-Quest Location 3 Guides
Quests: Experience Counts 2 Guides
Quests: GBA Download Games 2 Guides
Quests: Government Quests Walkthrough 11 Guides
Quests: Offline Quests Walkthrough 28 Guides
Quests: Online Quests Walkthrough 45 Guides
Quests: Tiers & Access System 1 Guide
Quests: Weapons & Items 5 Guides
Rare Items
Rare Items: Amplifier & Barrier Location 6 Guides
Rare Items: Amplifier, Armor and Weapon Combinations 2 Guides
Rare Items: Enemy Drops Percentage Rate 2 Guides
Rare Items: Enemy Parts and Weapons 2 Guides
Rare Items: Materials 2 Guides
Rare Items: Merges 1 Guide
Rare Items: New Enemies Rare Drop Charts 2 Guides
Rare Items: Photon Drops & Photon Sphere 1 Guide
Rare Items: Printable Guides 4 Guides
Rare Items: Rare Items Specific To One Section ID 1 Guide
Scripts: Episode 2 20 Guides
Scripts: Episode 4 4 Guides
Scripts: Miscellaneous 1 Guide
Scripts: Offline Quests 11 Guides
Scripts: Online Quests 2 Guides
Technique: Technique Disks 2 Guides
Technique: Techniques Stats 13 Guides
Weapons: .Beat/Time Affected Weapons 2 Guides
Weapons: Additional Power 1 Guide
Weapons: ATP 1 Guide
Weapons: Elements 1 Guide
Weapons: Guides 2 Guides
Weapons: Photon % 1 Guide
Weapons: Photon Weapons 14 Guides
Weapons: Quest Weapons 3 Guides
Weapons: Shop Item Data 1 Guide
Weapons: Special Technique Bonuses 1 Guide
Weapons: Tekking 2 Guides
Weapons: Weapon Type Drop Frequency 10 Guides