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Dropslash's Rati Guide:
Hello there! Typically, as many of you may know, i raise Rati's primarily for Android class characters, this guide though will address ways of making a Rati for any HU, RA, or even melee FO character class. First though, we'll address some of the basics. Grab a snack, this is a long one.

Rati makes a fantastic mag for many reasons. He casts Shifta & Deband when his Photon Meter hit's 100 and casts Shifta & Deband during boss battles. This S/D cast also effects anyone standing around him, so he not only will boost you, but your teammates as well. Rati will also Reverser you should you die and full restore your HP should it fall below 10%. This comes in VERY handy if you play Solo a lot.


Here you can see a picture of the very first Rati i ever raised. He was raised from True (bright) Yellow mag. Rati does color change. His wings will be the color of the original baby mag you started with. I have not yet found a way to change his main body color, but it is possible. To date i've seen only one though, with a Blue main body.

I use the phrases "True" when i talk about color to refer to the most pure form of the color used to raise the Mag. You can refer to THIS GUIDE for basic Mag color before you start, should you want a specific color Rati. The mags listed in the 1st column of "Costume --> Mag Color" are what i refer to as the "True" colors.

[Note: I'm working on a Rati gallery with screens of every color, if you're wondering what a specific Rati looks like before you start, PM me and i'll see if i can provide you with a pic. ^_^]

Stats & Evolution:

Rati's can be evolved 2 ways, but both require a MALE HUnter class to make the final evolution.

Method 1. The POW/DEX Method.
The stat requirement for this method is DEF + POW = DEX + MIND and can only be achieved by Skyly, Pinkal, & Yellowboze. This is an "A Type" Rati.

Method 2. The MIND/DEX Method
The stat requirement for this method is DEF + MIND = DEX + POW and can only be achieved by Greennill, Oran, & Purplenum. This is a "B Type" Rati.

The Rati pictured above has the stat setting 20/130/50/0 and was raised by Method 1. It is very easy to adjust the DEF set with this method and it is quite easy to raise a Rati with 5 DEF, for say, a RAcaseal or HUcast who may not need the DEF and want more raw power. This guide wil focus on raising an "A Type" Rati with Method 1.

Photon Blasts

Every Rati i raise has the Photon Blasts Mylla & Youlla, Estilla, and Pilla, PB's i believe to be a good choice for not just Android characters, but for any HU or RA class character. It's also fairly easy to raise a Rati with Mylla & Youlla, Farlla, and Pilla, should that be your preference.


This is a quick breakdown of what stats we'll be focusing on during our Rati's evolutionary forms.

1. Mag: DEX
2. Kalki/Varuna: DEX
3. Mitra/Marutah: DEX and/or MIND
4. Kaitabha/Ila: DEX, POW & DEF
5. Rati: POW and/or DEX & DEF

Preparation & Raising:

I recommend a Level 35 character for raising this mag due to the ease of buying all the necessary materials. The easiest way to raise this Rati is with a B Type ID RAnger, that is, a RAnger with the Oran, Whitill, Pinkall, Bluefull or Greennill section ID's. I personally use an Oran RAcaseal to raise all my Rati's. You can also use a HUnter with a Yellowboze or Skyly ID if you don't have a RAnger avaliable. The reason for these ID/Class combinations is to control what Photon Blasts become avaliable as the Mag evolves.

Due to the pickyness in feeding of 2nd evolutionary forms, it's not so easy to raise a Rati in one sitting. Knowing what you'll need in advance can help though, so here's a quick breakdown of what you'll need to raise a Rati through it's forms.

1. MAG : Antidote [always available]
2. Kalki/Varuna : Antidote [always available]
3. Mitra/Marutah : Antiparalysis/Antidote [always available] and/or Difluid [typically available]
4. Kaitabha/Ila : Antidote/Antiparalysis [always available] & Sol Atomizer [rarely available]
5. Rati: Moon Atomizer [always avaliavble] & *mates [availability varies by level]

Away we go!:

Level 100 Cost Approximation: 125,000 meseta
Level 100 Time Approximation: 930 minutes

This is for making a Rati who's stats, at level 100, will focus on POW & DEX with variable low levels of DEF & MIND. This Method is also, fortunately, fairly inexpensive.

Remember, "RA Class" refers to a B Type RAnger and "HU Class" refers to a Yellowboze or Skyly HUnter.

Step 1:

RA Class:

You begin by simply feeding your Mag 10 ANTIDOTES. This evolves the Mag to a Kalki with the stats 5/1/4/0 and the Photon Blast Estilla.

HU Class:

You begin by simply feeding your Mag 10 ANTIDOTES. This evolves the Mag to a Varuna with the stats 5/1/4/0 and the Photon Blast Farlla.

Step 2:

RA Class:

Continue on with ANTIDOTES until he reaches his 2nd evolution, Mitra. This will take 127 ANTIDOTES and will produce a Mitra with the stats 5/7/23/0 and adds the Photon Blast Pilla.

HU Class:

Continue on with ANTIDOTES until he reaches his 2nd evolution, Marutah. This will take 127 ANTIDOTES and will produce a Marutah with the stats 5/7/23/0 and adds the Photon Blast Pilla.

Step 3:

RA Class:

The Mitra is now wide open, but we're going to ignore POW & DEF for now. In any case, the key food here is ANTIPARALYSIS. ANTIPARALYSIS will lower all stats except DEX. Now is the time to add some MIND if you want it. DIFLUID will raise MIND and DEF, so you can use DIFLUID to raise MIND and ANTIPARALYSIS to keep the DEF under control, or just let them both climb. At level 50, Mitra will evolve into Kaitabha and learn Mylla & Youlla. Congratulations, only one more evolution to go!

HU Class:

Marutah feeds slightly different than Mitra, but we're still shooting for the same general stats. It's all ANTIDOTE for Marutah. This will raise his DEX and POW and by the time you hit 50, you'll be looking at an Ila who will also learn Mylla & Youlla. DIFLUID has the same general effect on Marutah as it does Mitra, so if you want MIND, now is the time!

Step 4:

RA Class:

Ok, now it's time to round out all your stats so we get the right balance for Rati. If you're happy with your MIND level, start feeding Kaitabha ANTIDOTE until DEX & MIND = 50. If not, feed him DIFLUID until you get the MIND you want, and then jump to ANTIDOTES (don't worry if he changes to Varaha temporarily, it won't make a difference in the long run). Next is balancing out POW & DEF. This is tricky because you need to telepipe the shopkeeper until she sells SOL ATOMIZERS, which are great for Kaitabha's POW. With that done, just feed Kaitabha SOL's until his POW & DEF = 49. If you don't want DEF to go up, you can switch between SOL ATOMIZERS and MONOMATE, which raises POW and lowers DEF. Bring him right to the brink of level 100, but don't push him over yet!

HU Class:

Same as above, it's time to balance those stats. DIFLUID will take Ila's mind where ever you want it to go, and after that, it's all ANTIPARALYSIS to get his DEX up. Once you have them at 50, it's on to balancing his POW and DEF. You can use the same technique as the RA Class and Kaitabha, SOL ATOMIZER for POW and DEF and MONOMATE to raise POW and lower DEF. Make sure you stop at level 99 if your character isn't one that can evolve Rati. If he is, feel free to feed Ila to 100 and skip step 5.

Step 5:

RA Class:

Ok, you should now have a level 99 Kaitabha one feeding away from level 100. All to do now is to hand him over to your A Type MALE HUnter. Remember, that's Skyly, Pinkal, or Yellowboze. Feed him that last SOL and congrats! you now have you're very own Rati!

HU Class:

Your level 99 Ila is ready to evolve. Hand him over to an A Type MALE HUnter and let him have that last SOL. Rati is yours!


All that's left now is to get your Rati to level 200. Your best bet is to switch off between MOON ATOMIZER and MONOMATE if you're looking for just POW. Or, if you're looking to add a little more DEF, stick with TRIMATE.


Congrats, you now have what is, in my humble opinion, one of the best mags in all of PSO. With the right balance of power, dexterity, photon blasts, and 4 point abilities, Rati will protect and support you through the long haul that is Ultimate difficulty and the lofty goal of reaching level 200. I hope this guide has proven useful and i hope you've enjoyed using it as much as i enjoyed writing it.


Much thanks goes out to James Baxter for his Mag Farm Utility and to Ian-KunX for providing her HU Class raising insight, love of Rati's, and mad proofreading skillz.

Guide by dropslash
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