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Names & Origins
Adaman Adaman(t) is a stong mineral used to make powerful weapons and armor.
Agni Agni is one of the most important of the Vedic gods. He is the god of fire, the messenger of the gods, the acceptor of sacrifice.

Akiko Common Japanese girl name.
Algol Or the Algol Star System. The star system that contained the three planets Moto/Motovia, Dezo/Dezoris/Dezolis and Palm/Palma/Parma. This was the star system where the Dark Force originally resided. There was also a 4th, Rykros, planet in this solar system but because of it's abnormal orbit it was only within reach every 1000 years, and for a very short time.
Amplam Umbra Big shadow.
Andhaka A Hindu demon.
Apsaras The Apsaras were nature spirits, the mates of the Gandharvas. They sometimes were water nymphs, and other times were beings of the forest.
Ashvinau From Asvins. In Hindu myth, the twin sons of Saranyu and Surya, and known as the "Divine Physicians". They represent the morning and evening stars.
Asuka Asuka is a common old Japanese name, like Musashi and Yamato probably. In Kanji it is written as "flying bird".
Bhima Hindu warrior god. He is one of the heroes of the Mahabharata and a prince of the Pandu family. He is the son of the wind god Vayu, and a brother of Arjuna. His name means "the terrible one".
Bhirava Or Bhairava. Means terrifying
Byakko Genbu, Seiryu, Shuzaku and Byakko are the four guardian animals.Byakko is the Japanese name of Bai Hu, which is a White Tiger God of the West and Wind in Chinese lore.
Cadeceus The herald's staff or wand of Hermes. It is usually depicted as a winged rod with two serpents intertwined about it. As a group of fertility symbols, it is emblematic of the magic potency of the deity, and of the prosperity of peace. It's spelled Caduceus. Also, it is now used as the symbol for the medical profession.
Castor Castor was a great soldier and horse tamer and competed in many Olympic games and won many of them. Castor was worshipped as gods by other athletes. Both were Argonauts on Jason's quest for the golden fleece.Castor and Polydeuces (or Pollux), the twin sons of Leda and Zeus and the brothers of Helen of Troy. Because Zeus came to Leda in the form of a swan, they are sometimes presented as having been born from an egg. Pollux was a formidable boxer, and Castor was a great horseman. Together, they were the "Heavenly Twins," often associated with the constellation Gemini.
Chao Small winged creaturs from the "Sonic: The Hedgehog" games series.
Chu Chu Chu Chu is the name given to the mouse creatures in Chu Chu Rocket
Dagon Dagon, the name means "corn", is an ancient Mesopotamian vegetation god, father of Baal in his father's attributes. He is the god of crop fertility and the inventor of the plough. He passed this knowledge to mankind to let them better till the soil and produce food.
Dezo/Dezolis/Dezoris The 2nd planet in the Algo/Algol star system. Known for its cold climat and huge barren icelands. It was the only known place where the ore "Laconium" was mined. The Espers, keepers of the Elysion also lived here, along with the Lutz/Noah. The Elysion stayed in Esper Mansion.
D.B. Initials for a Hunter from P1 named Dolph Bonz or Donoph Baz from P2.
Deva In Hinduism, the generic term for a divine being, degraded into an evil spirit in Zoroastrianism.
Diwari Four walls.
Durga In Hindu mythology and religion, a malignant form of Devi, the inaccessible, represented by a yellow woman riding a tiger. Also Kali or Parvati. She is the consort of Shiva.
Elysion The Elysian Fields, Elysium. In Greek mythology, the abode of the blessed, paradise. Situated at the end of the world it is here that those chosen by the gods are sent to. This was the legandary sword that the past Champions used to defeat Dark Force, and the Profound Darkness. Elysion is known as Elsydeon in Phantasy Star 4. Also, Elsydeon houses the memories of all the past Protectors, and these memories can be transfered to one who weilds Elsydeon, such as what happened to Chaz in PS4.
Fatsia Any shrub of the araliaceous genus Fatsia, esp. F. japonica, with large deeply palmate leaves and umbels of white flowers
Garuda The Garuda is a golden-bodied bird recorded by the Buddhist culture. Garuda is possibly the oldest of the great birds. The beneficent Garuda, also called the "Bird of Life", is the mount of Vishnu. Garuda
Genbu Genbu, Seiryu, Shuzaku and Byakko are the four guardian animals.Genbu is a black turtle of the North and Earth in Chinese lore.
Harisen The type of fan that this weapon's shape is taking.
Heathcliff Flowen Legandary Hunter aboard P1. Deputy Commander, Heathcliff Flowen. He's one of the military's most famous heroes.
Hitogata Hitogata literally means "Human form". They are little paper prayer dolls.
Ila In Samoan myth, the name of the first woman on the island of Tutuila (American Samoa).
Indra In Vedic times, Indra was the supreme ruler of the gods. He was the leader of the Devas, the god of war, the god of thunder and storms, the greatest of all warriors, the strongest of all beings.
Kaitabha The Hindu demon which tried to attack Brahma.
Kalki "Time". The tenth and last incarnation of Vishnu, who will come from the sky upon a white horse and wreak final destruction upon the wicked, renew creation and restore righteousness.
Kama The god of love in Hindu myth. He is a son of Lakshmi. Kama is represented as a winged youth bearing bow and arrows (similar to the Greek Eros).
Kapu Kapu Kapu Kapu is the name given to the cat enemy creatures in Chu Chu Rocket
Kamui Kamui means the pressure of god
Kumara Guardian of the Divine Fire or Polynesian sweet potato. Kumari is the virgin god of Nepal.
Laconium Laconia. Laconium (Laconia) is the precious metal that all powerful weapons in the PS series are made from. Legandary metal of immessurable stregnth. It's only known mining location is on the planet Dezo/Dezolis/Dezoris.
Lutz/Noah The legandary leader of the Espers and keeper of the Elysion. His memory was stored in a memory sphere and a new Noah/Lutz was given his wisdom when the time was right.
Madhu Name in Indian/Hindu culture.
Mahu Polynesian deity (sometimes male, sometimes female) of fire (ahi) and earthquakes. In the underworld she is charged with the task of keeping the fires burning. The hero Maui persuaded her to give him fire.
Marica An Italian nymph, the consort of Faunus and mother of Latinus (Virgil VII, 47). According to others, she was the mother of Faunus. She possessed a sacred forest near Minturnae (Minturno) on the border of Latium and Campania (Livius XXVII, 37,2).
Marina Marina is a nurse from v1
Marutah From Maruts. The Maruts were minor storm deities who in Vedic times were the sons of Rudra and the attendants of Indra.
Mitra Mitra is a Vedic god who stood for the sun, and was, with his brother Varuna, the guardian of the cosmic order. He was the god of friendships and contracts, and watched over the daytime hours.
Monkey King The divine ape in Chinese mythology who was born from an egg which was impregnated by the wind. Being very skilled in the use of magic, he can even trick the gods. Thus he managed to obtain the peach of immortality. He is also known as Sun Wu-kong.
Motav A reference to the planet Mota/Motovia, the planet where the post champions after Palma resided. It was also the central planet in the Algo/Algol solar system. Alis Landale, Odin, and Noah were from Palma. Myau was found on Motavia but it seems he was from Palma as well, or perhaps Dezolis where he later resettled with the remainder of the Musk Cat population. It was later that Motavia was irrigated and further colonized by humans (Palmans), so only the Protectors after the first four were from Motavia. In PS2 it is called Mota, not Moto.
Naga In Hindu myth, nagas are a primeval race of divine serpent-people that play an important part in religion. They are half human and half snake, and are still worshipped as the bringers of fertility, especially in southern India.
Namuci One of the greatest of the Hindu Asuras.
Nandin In Hindu mythology the offspring of Surabhi, the cow of plenty belonging to the sage Vasishtha.
Naraka In Hindu mythology and Buddhism, the place of torture for departed evil-doers. It consists of many kinds of hells, hot and cold.
Nei Legandary Newman born on the planet Moto/Motovia. In the year AW 1285 Nei seperated herself from Neifirst her "sister" and left the Biosystems lab where Mother Brain created them.
Nidra Means sleep. Possibly from Yoga Nidra.An expression widely used to denote the highest state of consciousness.
Opa Opa and Pian Names from old Sega games Fantasy Zone and NiGHTs into dreams.
Palm/Palma/Parma The third and most advanced planet in the Algo/Algol solar system. It was destroyed in AW1286 when the Gaira space satalite crashed into it. 400 world ships escaped with survivers aboard them.
Pian Names from old Sega games Fantasy Zone and NiGHTs into dreams.
Pitri From pitri-tarpana or ceremonial Hindu offerings to departed ancestors,
Pollux Pollux (Polydeucus) is one of the "Heavenly Twins", brother to Castor. See Dioscuri. The Disocuri were Castor and Polydeuces (or Pollux), the twin sons of Leda and Zeus and the brothers of Helen of Troy. Because Zeus came to Leda in the form of a swan, they are sometimes presented as having been born from an egg. Pollux was a formidable boxer, and Castor was a great horseman. Together, they were the "Heavenly Twins," often associated with the constellation Gemini.
Preta Preta in Buddhist tradition is a hungry ghost. They are pictured in a human shape, with huge bloated bellies and tiny mouths, thus unable to quench their thirsts.
Pushan Or Puchan. The Hindu god of meeting.
Ravana The ten-headed demon king of Ceylon in Hindu myth. With his forces of Rakshas he kidnappes Sita but she is rescued but Rama, who kills Ravana.
Rati The Hindu goddess of sexual desire. She was the daughter of the sun god Daksha and the wife of Kama, the god of love.
Ribhava Character in Hindu myth that appears in the Vedas
Rika Newman born aboard the space ship SEED in the year AW 2283. The computer SEED used 998 years between the birth of Nei and when Rika was created to refine genetic details and create a supior being.
Rudra In ancient Vedic myth, Rudra ("howler") is the malignant god of storm and wind, and is also considered to have been the god of death. He is the personification of the uncultured nature.
Rukmin The Hindu wife of Krishna.
Rykros The 4th planet in the Algo Star System, it only is reachable every 1000 years.
Sange Sange means flowers that are falling apart
Sato Sato is pronounced "Shato" in Japanese which means sugar.
Savitri In Hindu myth, one of the Adityas, the guardian deities of the months. He is primarily a sun-god, and evidently the same as Surya.
Seiryu Genbu, Seiryu, Shuzaku and Byakko are the four guardian animals. Seiryu isa green(or blue) dragon of the East and Water in Chinese lore.
Sita The wife of Rama, who was kidnapped by Ravana. As Rama was an incarnation of Vishnu, so Sita was an incarnation of Lakshmi or Sri. In the Vedas, Sita is "the Furrow", the personified goddess of the female principle of fertility.
Soma Soma is a very difficult deity for many outside of India to comprehend. He works on numerous levels, all of which are tied together rather strangely. As the blood of animals and the sap of plants, Soma courses through all living things. He is Inspiration to those who seek it, and so is the god of poets. He is also the god of the moon. He is the dwelling place of the venerated dead, as well as the divine cure for evil. The ancient Hindus did not differentiate between these divergent aspects; all were the god Soma.

Soniti Soniti in Japanese is Sonichi - Sonic Team (sonikku chi-mu) in short.
Sumba The magic that a Filipino Mannumbo uses.
Surya In India, he corresponds to the Greek Helios - he is the special god who dwelt in the body of the sun. Surya is described as the husband of dawn, as well as her son. He is also the guardian of the south-west quadrant,
Suzaku Genbu, Seiryu, Shuzaku and Byakko are the four guardian animals. Shuzaku is a red phoenix of the South and Fire in Chinese lore.
Talis The bone of the ankle that articulates with the tibia and fibula to form the ankle joint. Also called anklebone, astragalus
Tapas Penance in Hindu
Ushasu Or Ushas. The goddess of the dawn in Hindu myth, and the breath of life in the Vedas.
Varaha The boar incarnation or avatar of Vishnu, assumed in order to deliver the world from the power of the demon Hiranyaksha.
Varuna Though he only has about a dozen hymns addressed to him in the Rig Veda, Varuna seems to be one of the most important of the Vedic gods. In pre-Vedic times, he was the supreme lord of the cosmos, the keeper of divine order, the bringer of rain, the enforcer of contracts.
Vayu An early deity of the wind or wind spirit in Hindu myth. Allied to him are the Maruts, the storm devils.
Vajulla Valhalla, Hall of the Slain, in Norse mythology is the hall presided over by Odin. It is here that the Valkyries, Odin's messengers and spirits of war, bring half of the heroes that died on the battle fields . These heroes, the Einherjar, are prepared in Valhalla for the oncoming battle of Ragnarok. When the battle commences, eight hundred warriors will march shoulder to shoulder out of each door.

Vritra Vritra was one of the asuras, perhaps the most powerful of them all. His name means "Enveloper." He was a dragon or serpent who was said to be so huge that his coils surrounded mountains, and his head touched the sky. He was the bringer of drought, and his chief enemy was Indra.

Yaksa In Hindu myth, Yakshas are chthonic semi-divine beings, half god and half demon. They live under the earth in the Himalayas where they guard the wealth of the earth (gems, gold, silver, etc.).
Yasha A vampire-bat from Japanese mythology. It is believed that it is the spirit of a woman whose anger lowered her status in rebirth.
Yamigarasu Means "Dark Raven".
Zumiuran Take on the spelling on Zuriman, an ancient indian practioner of the black arts.

Credits: All linked explanations otherwise noted, are taken from Encyclopedia Mythica.

Genbu, Seiryu, Shuzaky, Byakko, Soniti, Sange, Kamui, Yasha, Agito, Harisen, Akiko, Asuka, Sato, Marina, Opa Opa, Pian and Yamigarasu from Navi.

Amplam Umbra from Kupi.

Cadeceus, Elysion, Rika, Rykos, Motav and D.B from Tani.