Guides - Phantasy Star Zero: Photon Blasts Overview

Phantasy Star Zero: Photon Blasts Overview

This guide provides an overview of the Photon Blasts system for Phantasy Star Zero.


Photon Blasts are special attacks that a Mag can perform. Depending on the Photon Blast, a Blast can either inflict damage or provide useful status effects. Unlike Phantasy Star Online, a Mag can only have one Photon Blast at a time. The Photon Blast that is available to it will depend on the Mag's form. If you would like to see which Mag has a particular Photon Blast, check out the Mag Evolution Chart.


To use a Photon Blast, you must first charge your Photon Blast meter up to maximum. This meter is built up by inflicting and taking damage. Once your meter has been charged, you can start the Photon Blast by pressing the L + R trigger buttons.

Photon Blasts

Name Explanation

The effects vary depending on the number of users involved in the Photon Blast chain. If all four players participate, all effects are added. The effects of Flozir lasts for at least 20 seconds. Depending on your mag synchro rate, the effect can last up to 40 seconds. Here is a breakdown of the effects

Solo Use: No PP is consumed for Technique and Photon Arts.
2-Way Chain: Attack charging time is reduced by 50%
3-Way Chain: All hits on enemies become critical.
4-Way Chain: All abnormal status effects are removed and the user becomes invincible.

Granir A forward attack that can cause instant death. Instant death rate increases in a chain.
Midgul Casts Jellen/Zalure on enemies and Shifta/Deband on allied users. Effectiveness increases in a chain.
Pacifal Attacks all enemies within a specific range of the user and has the chance to paralyze enemies. Paralysis rate and duration increases in a chain.

Performing Photon Blast Chains

When performing a Photon Blast chain, the Blast that is used will be determined by the first person to trigger. After the first blast has been triggered, other users can run into the original user's glyph and trigger their Photon Blast(s). This will power up the resulting Photon Blast. All Photon Blast chain participants will receive any beneficial side-effects from the Photon Blast.


Credit goes to Deissa and Amherst_Wind supplying the information for this guide.