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Phantasy Star Zero: Sewer Shop Guide


The Sewer Shop becomes available after a character completes the third Story Mission on Normal Mode. It contains a password vending machine, enemy part exchange vendor, and Photon Drop exchange vendor. This guide will describe each of the areas and list the items that can be obtained from each one.

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Photon Collector

This vendor will trade items in exchange for Photon Drops. All of the items listed below will not appear at one time. Instead, this vendor appears to have a random assortment that rotates at certain intervals. In addition, the attributes that Weapons have will vary too. An Animal Hand may have 40% hit on one visit and 0% hit on the next.

Item Cost (Photon Drops)
8-Ouncer 5
Animal Hand 10
Berry Ice Beam 20
Bloom Shower 60
Doppel Scythe 30
Dumbbell 10
Grow Shower 5
Harisen 10
Hocho 99
Imperial Rod 45
Missouri CX4 50
Twinkle Star 40
Witch's Broom 15
Gardening Wear 35
Miyabi Hakama 40
Mag 5
Celeb Element 12
Dark Element 4
Draw Element 8
Heat Element 4
Heart Element 8
Ice Element 12
Jell Element 8
Life Element 12
Light Element 4
Meseta Element 8
Risk Element 12
Slow Element 4
Soul Element 8
Stun Element 4
X-Element 8
Zalure Element 8
Weapon Modifiers
Digrinder 3
Monogrinder 1
Trigrinder 5
Guard Material 5
Hit Material 5
HP Material 5
Mind Material 5
Power Material 5
PP Material 5
Reset Material 5
Scape Doll 5
Swift Material 5

Enemy Collector

For a certain cost, the vendor at this counter will convert an enemy part into a weapon. The attributes the weapon receives will be random. So if you are trading in a rare enemy part, save your game and reset the system if the attributes are not to your liking.

Weapon Trade-In Item Cost (Meseta)
Black Phobos Black Shard 50,000
Blaze Roar Burning Mane 25,000
Chaos Cannon Black Barrel 5,000
Crysta Hulse Rohcrysta Scales 50000
Devil Bazooka Squirmy Tentacle 50,000
Dragon Horn Dragon's Horn 50000
Hadan Bite Garahadan Fang 100,000
Hemara Drill White Drill 50,000
Helion Roar Helion's Mane 500
Jade Hulse Rohjade Scales 2,500
Mobius Drill Black Drill 5,000
Octo Bazooka Slimy Tentacle 5,000
Phobos Shoot Phobos Shard 25,000
Python Bite Garapython Fang 25,000
Scarred Horn Broken Horn 5,000
Tartaros Cannon White Barrel 100,000

Password Vending Machine

If you enter a specific code, the vending machine will give you the item associated with that code. Each code may only be used once per account. Please note that the codes below only work for the North American and European versions of Phantasy Star Zero. The Japanese version of the vending machine contains different items, such as the Hylian Shield and other Nintendo items, and uses different codes.

Item Code
Blade Cannon 7839-3594
Caduceus 5139-6877
CONSOLES+ 9185-6189
Game Master 7162-5792
InGame:Greg&Kiri 5531-0215
Lassi Soul x 5 4775-7197
Nintendo Power 3171-0109
Puyo Soul x 5 3470-1424
Selvaria's Spear 5703-8252
Selvaria's Shield 4294-2273
Toppi Soul x 5 9475-6843