Guides - Holiday Rappy Drops

Holiday Rappy Drops
Hallo Rappy/Jack-O'-Lantern
Cell of MAG 213
Cell of MAG 502
Heart of Chu Chu
Heart of Opa Opa
Heart of KAPU KAPU
Heart of Chao
Parts of RoboChao
Heart of Pian

Saint Rappy/Christmas Present

Panther's Spirit
Heart of Devil
Kit of Hamburger
Kit of Mark 3
Kit of Sega Saturn
Heart of Angel
Kit of Dreamcast
Kit of Genesis
Kit of Master System

Egg Rappy/Easter Eggs

Wok of Akiko's Shop
Huge Battle Fan
Panther's Claw
Drill Launcher
Rocket Punch
Rabbit Wand
Amore Rose
Marina's Bag
Sonic Knuckle
  • The holiday rappies are only available online during certain events.
  • Changing the date and time on your console will not activate the holiday rappies. They are server side only.
  • The items will be chosen randomly. If you don't get what you want, you can do a soft reset to make another item appear. Do this offline, so open the items offline as it won't save as you able to do a soft reset.
  • You can read the guide for finding holiday rappies here.