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  1. Heya. Haven't been around as much as I'd like lately. House has no internet at the moment. Been using my new phone to get on here when I can. Limits my modding time and abilities, but I do what I can.
  2. Yo Alex, how ya been? I haven't talked to you in a while, and checking out this thread made me think about you. I'm surprised you haven't said anything yet, actually. Anyway have a nice holiday man, cya around.
  3. It was pretty good. Didn't really do anything until the weekend, 'cept drink Mountain Dew Throwback XD But that weekend I got a huge lego set and spent a lot of time building that
  4. Hey Alex, happy belated birthday. I got on a week or so ago, and it hit me that your birthday had been a few weeks ago.

    Hope it was a good one
  5. Yumz.
  6. Thanks Have some I can't eat it all alone
  7. Happy birthday, yo!
  8. Thanks!
  9. Happy birthday Alex!
  10. Cool ^_^
  11. Pretty much the same here for me. Except I dont have this "work" of which you speak of. I have school, which ends Tuesday =D
  12. Eh, could be better, could be worse. It's been same as always for me. Work, sleep, games, friends, computer.
  13. So what've you been doing lately? How has the beginning of your summer been?
  14. Ah, that sucks.
  15. Having fun with what? RE5 or finding a new game?
    Well, doesn't matter actually. Neither >_>
    There was so much hype with RE5, and it really disappointed me. Having to watch out for a teammate sucks, and I feel that the story was terrible, even though it's just the events after RE4. RE4's escort missions were kinda annoying, but in general the game was much beter.
    As for finding a new game, I can't afford anything atm.
  16. Ah. Having fun with that, huh?
  17. RIght now I'm trying to find a game/genre I haven't played before and see if I like it enough to play it over the summer. Haven't gotten a new game since RE5 back in March.
  18. Well, you do what you feel you must. Just hope you have fun with whatever you do.
  19. Well FKL's just turned crappy now because there's only 3 or 4 people that have been actively using FKL for the past few years or so. Tact, Sord and others have just disappeared. Most of the topics are just dump and my thread got locked. So yeah, forget that. As for PSO, I just don't know what to do in it anymore.

    C-Mode - Can never get a team, and I don't really want to do it anymore.
    Battle Mode - If you've done it once you've done it 1000 times.
    Games with randoms - Yeah how about no.
    Solo - Gets boring after a half hour, especially when you never find what you're hunting for.
    Games with friends - Nobody was ever on when I was.

    So after all this I just decided to forget PSO and PSO-W for a bit and do whatever else I find entertaining.

    tl;dr I'm bored.
  20. Oh, I hear ya on the FKL thing. Part of why I edited my friend list. Kinda sad that you're taking a break from PSO, but it'll be good to have you back when you return.
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