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  1. THey did say they will reduce partcile in some of the spells and PA in the next update.
  2. Oh yeah, I can relate to that as well. Guess PSO2 isn't really made for that resolution at all.
    Anyways, thanks for the input! I'll keep on looking around to see if I can find a solution. Much obliged! o/
  3. Yes, I play at that resolution, but I only suffer slow down, when particle count go crazy, such as PSE-Burst with Photon Blast going off, or desert storm
  4. Hey, Sizu, you play at 2560x1440 in Virtual Full-Screen right?
    I'm doing so myself, but sometimes the FPS just randomly drops (I'm on GTX 760 x2, so GPU isn't the problem).
    Just curious if you've had the problem yourself, or if you might now any solution to it?
    I think it has something to do with the update-ratio of the Windows 8 desktop, but not sure.
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