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  1. Baw. I won't bite. 'Less you ask me nicely~
  2. I catch you unaware many times. You just don't know it. Huehuehue
  3. I'm working, actually. They've got me working a morning shift, when I usually work an evening shift. I'm doing it on about 3 hours of sleep... 3:
    Still, it's pretty quiet. I might even jump on PSO2 in a social capacity, if this keeps up...
  4. Hows your memorial day?
  5. ...Awr?
  6. Rawr!
  7. Well, its a well deserved compliment I feel.
  8. Haha, sorry I didn't respond to that message. I get a lil blushy when I read it.
  9. Feel free to add me in game, I keep all my ID info in my sig! Loved your character since I first saw her.
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