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    I have these things for trade

    Meteor Cudgle
    Kit of Sega Saturn
    10 pow mats
    10 mind mats

    Post offers

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    I'd love the meteor cudgel, I have 4 pds and here is my list:

    <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: milk on 2002-12-26 09:42 ]</font>

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    Thanks for offering milk..but i think ill hold out for a bit to see if i get a better offer

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    No problem, doesn't hurt to try

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    what do you want for Kit of saturn?

    Look at my trade thread..Titled Devil's trade.

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    The only things from your list I like are the Twin Brand and the Panther tail..If your willing to trade either of those for it?

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    Ill be willing to trade those.. wanna hop online and discuss this more?

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    Default online now..tell me where to meet you?

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    Ill be online in 5 min. meet me in Deneb block 9 my guy name is devil. hes Lv.126

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    k...ill be -Dena-..see you there

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