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    Ok, so I ran into a guy at work not too long ago that played PSO, and I was like, "So how many chars you got, and what levels and stuff are they." And he started rattling off how high level his chars was, which didn't bother me at first cause that is possible, but it was when he started telling me that his force chars had FINAL IMPACTS (Note, this is a rare, not so rare actually, shotgun that Forces CANNOT equipt!) that I got suspicious. When I brought it up to him, he said he used Action Replay? Is that even possible? Not that I want to!! I'm just wandering if he is lying or not.

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    There is a cheat that will allow any char to use any item, whether it be armor, shields or weapons.

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    o.o yea, when I played almost everybody was using AR

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    The God of Equipe. A cheat code or back hack that openes the character equipe barriers up. allowing you to equipe any weapon, armor, or sheild.

    He used an AR. cus I have one and it has that option on mine.
    A fun cheat to mess around with offline. but not to be played in serious roles online.

    heh. Just thought I kick this in. The AR for Nintendo rarely works on PSO when you have it in a Wii. 2-10 percent of the time it works.
    the other times it will load like everything is going swell, and then reset your data files. but not truthfuly. its like a flase act. just turn off your wii and back on and things will be normal when you play again.

    so ya. the guy is using none legit weapons on his force. and weak ones at that. lol XP

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