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    I'm looking forward to meeting again with my old friends monofluid, sol atomizer, etc. in their old color boxes, to playing again with my beloved FOnewearl (I did it in PSU but no... it's not the same u_u), but what I wait the most is to play with an old friend in mexico who has a DS =D

    ..... and RAPPIES!!!!! *A*

    see you guys~

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    I am most looking foward to seeing how the new community in Phantasy Star Zero, like how in Phantasy Star Online, players from around the world helped other players experience the virtual world; where to find the rarest of secret weapons; and all kinds of fun with events that Sonic Team gave to us.

    Just a side note: Thank You SEGA, and all of those working in Sonic Team!

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    I'm looking forward to a portable Online RPG. PSO was a great mix of addicting and enjoyable, and it's looking like PSZ will be even more awesome!

    Also Rappies.

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    The thing I am most looking forward to is the inevitable Wii port with DS integration, better graphics, new content, and tons o rares.

    And the Mags of course.

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    I get all antsy and excited for every Phantasy Star release, so of course, I'm absolutely giddy about PSZ! Picking one thing I'm most looking forward to is simply impossible... 'cause I'm most looking forward to the entirety of it.

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    I'm looking for a phantasy star experience on par with my PSO experience... I know it may not be possible to ever have as good a time with any other PS title, but there's always hope in this great series...*cough* next gen PSO ep.1,2,3,4 remake would be fantastic.

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    The thing I am most looking forward to is being able to understand it! XD I imported it and now I will finally understand it!

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    first of all. i must thank the mods for drawing attention to the psz forum. now more people might join my force club (name pending). also i must thank you for the contest. im so excited to win. this is really a great boost to everyones moral . it almost makes up for the fact that psz was delayed for almost a year. but its all good now.

    im looking forward to playing an old school pso style game with cool anime cut scenes and some new tricks and an interesting story. and i hope this is a sign of good things to come.

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    What am I most looking forward to?

    Is to be able to read the the text and see what the story is about. I'm not to good at reading Japanese.

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    In Parum with my big bro! : D


    i've already pre-ordered and i can't wait to fight new bosses and of course im excited about the visuals and how well i'll be able to customize my character. n.n I never was too familiar with PSO o.x but hearing how psz has a like-ness of the original series, im sure the playing style will be fun :3

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