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    It's an insult to a lot of us that dont just play GM and FM and newman techer, not to mention those of us that HAVE played as, or leveled up all the classes ALREADY.

    Out of all the classes i have played on this game now (yes i have tried them all out). The ones i like the best atm are the ones i am currently using on my FOUR characters that i use frequently. Telling those of us that have been playing this for years to just "change classes" is a ridiculous idea because most of us have already tried that and guess what, we ended up just as bored after a while and reverted back to the classes we normally play.

    Also saying that all you see are GMs and FMs around and that all of them complain, is just sad. I HIGHLY doubt you've met everyone that still plays this game, because not EVERYONE uses just master classes. I have an AF that i use more than the rest of my characters, until we get the supplemental update and i become a full time MF.

    You can't simply lump everyone together and say that we're all complaining and doing nothing about it. I'm positive most of the PSU "vets" have tried multiple ways of bringing life back into this game already. Don't try to act all hurt when your thread gets ripped apart when you come in here with your presumptions that no one has tried to spice up their gaming experience.
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    If you are bored of the are some tips you can use:

    1) Try something different (I don't mean changing classes).....I mean try playing with a different group of people to immerse yourself in another group's style.

    2) One may feel bored if one repeats the same map too many times in a solo....Get your friends to play with you. Even if you are bored, the company of a good friend is always welcome right?

    3) Try playing a different game:

    I am not saying "Quit PSU" but I am saying that if you play this game 4 - 12 hours a day for are bound to get bored...while that happens you are a missing a world of games. Not every game in the open market sucks...and commercial games aren't the only games...

    You deserve a break as a gamer to look at other games...Don't think playing another game equates to "betraying" PSU. If you view it as such...think of your own betrayal as a gamer by simply limiting yourself to just one game...You owe it to yourself to take a break once in a while and see what is out there...

    4) Don't base happiness on drops and events.

    If you are playing the game only because you feel you won't find people outside of means you are expecting and waiting for a sign...something to save the game or push people into a medium where you can feel "alright" at simply playing...

    Doesn't mean you should say "At least I have my things...and im still here"...what you will remember is not how you got your items but mostly the interraction with others long after this game ends. (All that exists eventually crumbles) Somewhere in all the screenshots one has taken lies a memory of something good.....base your happiness on the smile you wear from remembering those moments.

    5) Don't burn yourself out or force yourself into things.

    Doing so not only makes the game boring but pushes you away from it and zaps your energy. Also affects you in the real world...Remember that games are meant to exist to have fun...IF you don't have fun, and you say in your gut somewhere "it just isn't fair" or "Im not having any fun"...It is your sanity telling you to stop what you are doing and find something that satisfies you.....

    So listen to yourself and follow your heart...Its all you've got at times. ^_^
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    Highly suggest DFO if you guys want something that's enjoyable, free, updated consistently, and a lot like pso/u.

    Alot of the game mechanics are so similar it's scary. Has pretty enjoyable (read: fun) pvp as well if you're into that. I've only played for a bit over a month but it's hands down the most fun I've ever had with a free game before.

    You wanna see why people say free games are run better then PSU? This is the one to check out then.

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